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The Principles Of Pleasure Viewers Urge Netflix Users To Watch 'Eye-Opening' Series

The Principles Of Pleasure Viewers Urge Netflix Users To Watch 'Eye-Opening' Series

We learned a lot.

There's a new docu-series on Netflix that's causing quite a stir among users after teaching them everything they need to know about the complex world of women's pleasure.

After tuning in to The Principles Of Pleasure, viewers are urging everyone they know to do the same, no matter your gender identity.

As one fan so aptly put it on Twitter: "if you have a vagina, or if you’re having sex with someone with a vagina, you NEED to watch The Principles of Pleasure."

Check out the trailer here:

Not only does the three-part series lay out the science behind female orgasms, but it puts centuries of taboos, myths, and misconceptions to rest and encourages women to speak more openly and guilt-free about sex and pleasure.

Judging by the rave reviews, it looks like you're bound to learn something new - and valuable - about the female body, no matter how much you think you know already!

Recommending the series on Twitter, one fan wrote: "The Principles of Pleasure (Netflix) is completely fascinating. I’m learning masses. Strong recommend."

The three-part series is on Netflix now. (

A second told her followers: "Women really need to watch The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix. This is just eye-opening, wish they actually taught us some of this stuff in sex-ed".

And a third tweeted: "If you would like to gain more knowledge about yourself pls watch ‘The Principles of Pleasure’ on Netflix. It’s important to understand your body and the world of female pleasure. It explains so much and made me realize that the things I have felt and experienced are all normal."

Many viewers were eager to recommend the series to men, in particular.

One female fan wrote: "i urge all the men on my tl to watch the principles of pleasure on netflix".

The series teaches viewers about the female orgasm. (

A second insisted: "All men need to watch The Principles of Pleasure. It's on Netflix."

A third added: "If you’re a guy, I strongly suggest you watch 'The Principles of Pleasure' on Netflix. It’s really sad that most women live a full life and NEVER experience [an] orgasm. Well, at least from men."


One man who did decide to give the series a go took to Twitter to share his thoughts, writing: "Watched the 'Principles of Pleasure' on Netflix. Recommend it for all guys curious about female anatomy. Craziest fact I learned, the clitoris wasn't fully scientifically mapped until 2005."

There's something in it for everyone!

You can watch all episodes of The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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