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Peaky Blinders Director Admits Placing An Easter Egg In Ada Scene

Peaky Blinders Director Admits Placing An Easter Egg In Ada Scene

Did you spot it?

Peaky Blinders fans are hooked on the sixth and final series, with many eagled-eyed viewers looking to spot clues pointing towards what’s set to be an exciting finale.

While some of the theories doing the rounds on the internet seem quite outlandish, Peaky Blinders director Anthony Byrne admits they do sneak the odd Easter into filming.

Can you spot the Easter egg below?

Taking to Instagram, Byrne, who has directed a number of episodes in the Brummie-based gangster series, told his followers: “There was a Peaky Easter egg in tonight’s episode hidden in one of the shots for an eagle eyed viewer to find.

“Did anyone spot it?”

Spot the mystery clue? (

For those of you who failed to find, there was a red right hand on one of the bottles of gin which Ada helps herself to.

Don’t understand the reference? Well, Red Right Hand is the ‘unofficial’ theme of Peaky Blinders, with the song, performed by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, having been a staple in earlier episodes of the series.

The reference itself is from Paradise Lost, the epic poem written by John Milton in the 17th century.

Did you spot the red hand? (

The so-called red right hand belongs to God, which was said to “strike vengeance” on Lucifer, the Devil.

The brooding rock song was selected by Peaky Blinders showrunner Stephen Knight, who thought Red Right Hand suited the characters on the show well.

“The lyrics conjure up our industrial landscape and the ‘tall handsome man’ could, of course, be Tommy Shelby,” he told the New York Post.

Tommy is the 'tall handsome stranger' (

“Over the series we’ve played with what the ‘Red Right Hand’ could be.

“The words have played over communists shaking hands, and over the reveal that Sam Neill’s Chester Campbell has connections to the fighters from Ulster.”

Peaky Blinders continues Sundays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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