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Ozark Fans Convinced Maya Will Die In Season 4 Part 2

Ozark Fans Convinced Maya Will Die In Season 4 Part 2

She did pull a very foolish move, to be fair.

**WARNING! Ozark spoilers below**

Ozark fans have lapped up the first part of season 4, which dropped on Netflix last week – and already, they can’t wait for the next helping.

The first seven episodes finally saw a way out for the Byrde family, who have found themselves entrenched in some major money laundering.

You can watch a brief rundown of the action below.

Strangely, their saviour comes in the form of their oppressor Omar Navarro – the head of Mexico’s second largest drug cartel.

Navarro is willing to turn himself in to the FBI – but he has certain conditions he wants, and expects Marty and Wendy to use their influence to manipulate authorities to his demands.

However, it looks as if Maya Miller has caused a major bump in the road. Despite masterfully playing both sides of the FBI, the cartel and the Byrdes, Maya seemingly blew up her own plan by suddenly making a major U-turn, and bringing in a team to arrest Navarro.

Maya goes back on her deal (

While there are several reasons why she could have done this (the patronising manner of her FBI bosses perhaps? The self-righteous desire to do the right thing?), fans of the show thought it was a particularly silly move from Maya, and believe she may have sealed her own fate.

Taking to Reddit’s Ozark thread, one person wrote: “No way Maya Miller survives Part 2, that was really dumb of her.”

A second compared her to a Game of Thrones character: “Maya is the Ned Stark of the show, righteously naïve.”

“She’s an absolute goner in part two,” agreed a third.

Navarro is likely to retaliate (

Others believed that Javi, Navarro’s violent and reckless nephew, and the successor to the drug cartel, will be sure to kill Maya. After all, we’ve seen how he dealt with Darlene and Wyatt.

“Javier knows Maya pulled the stunt & I just don't see her escaping freely into the sunset,” one person said.

While a second persona argued Javi would be ‘insane’ to kill Maya, a third viewer argued he is clearly quite unhinged.

“He stayed in a murdered woman’s house,” they said, "The dudes arrogant and stupid.”

Guess we’ll have to wait for part 2 to drop later this year…

Ozark is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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