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Ozark Fans Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Camila Before

Ozark Fans Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Camila Before


Since the explosive finale dropped on Netflix this weekend, Ozark fans haven't been able to stop talking about the intense thriller series.

But after one drug cartel queen left fans quaking, the Twitter-sphere exploded with discussions about the deadly Camila Navarro, (Veronica Falcón) as people tried to work out where they had seen her before.

It turns out the answer was right under their noses, too, as this isn't the first time the actress has played a cartel boss named Camila before...

Camila is not messing around with the Byrde Family in the Ozark series finale. (

Yes, before she became Camila Navarro - the Byrde family's biggest threat as she sought out revenge for the death of her son Javi - Netflix users saw Veronica Falcón play Camila Vargas in Queen of the South.

Much like her Ozark character, Veronica's Queen of the South character Camila Vargas was the head of a cartel.

In the crime drama, Camila Vargas was eventually sent into exile by her former protégé Teresa Mendoza.

While fans of both series can't help but notice the stark similarities between Veronica Falcón's two characters, others are convinced that there might be a link between them.

"I love that Camila is pretty much playing the same role with the same name on #QueenOfTheSouth and #Ozark like the boss she is..' tweeted one Ozark fan.

Veronica Falcón had previously played a cartel lord named Camila in Queen of the South. (
USA Network)

"No one plays a character named Camila and the head of a cartel like she does" joked a second.


"Not camila being a villain in #QueenOfTheSouth and #Ozark" wrote a third.

And a fourth noted: "Veronica Falcón stays playing Camila with the drugs."

Meanwhile, another fan penned: "One thing with Veronica Falcon, she gon' play a "Camila" in a drug trafficking/money laundering show."


Suggesting that Queen of the South's Camila Vargas could be the same Camila Navarro we see in Ozark, one fan tweeted: "That’s crazy Camila Vargas just changed her name & switched Cartels like that.. #Ozark".

A second agreed: "Well now we see where Camila Vargas done fled to #ozark".

Pointing out that Queen of the South's Javi Jimenez (Alfonso Herrera Rodriguez) also appears in Ozark as Javi Navarro, another viewer suggested that it had to be more than a coincidence.

They asked: "Did anyone else feel like Queen of the South and #Ozark are connected because they used Camila and Javi from the show and gave them the same names just different last names lol".

Let the fan theories begin!

The series finale of Ozark is now available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/USA Network

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