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Our House Viewers Are All Saying The Same Thing About Fi

Our House Viewers Are All Saying The Same Thing About Fi

Fi's reaction after finding out Bram Lawson had been seeing another woman has caused a stir on social media.

ITV's new drama Our House debuted on Monday, and fans are already saying the same thing about one of the main characters.

The four-part series stars Tuppence Middleton as Fi, a woman whose life is turned upside down after she discovers her husband Bram Lawson (Martin Compston) cheated on her with another woman, their neighbour Merle (Weruche Opia).

However, Fi confronting her cheating spouse and her reaction to the news has left viewers wondering the same thing.

Watch the scene below:

After watching Fi's reaction after finding out about Bram and Merle's drunken entanglement, people were left wondering why she was so calm about the situation.

"I don’t know how Fi didn’t throttle Merle, given she still gets to play happy families with her husband #OurHouse," said one viewer.

Another viewer summarised that Fi must be the "calmest woman", while another Twitter user shared: "Seeing the woman in the school, the one who slept with your husband in the garden shed, while your kids were in bed fast asleep, can't be easy. Fi has such self-control #OurHouse".


Fi and Bram's tumultuous marriage and eventual estrangement is told through a series of flashbacks and scenes in the present day.

In the present, she returns home one day to find that her house has been sold and new people are moving in.

While someone else shared: "I’m sorry but if my neighbour had been f***ing my husband in the Wendy house, I would not be as calm as Fi is #OurHouse".

Fi discovers her house has been sold in another scene. (

Lots of viewers compared her calm reaction to finding out her husband was cheating to her relatively composed response when she returned home to find new people there.

"I have never seen anyone as calm as Fi to find her husband was cheating, someone had moved into their house and the kids had disappeared #OurHouse," said a Twitter user.

Maybe Fi truly is the most calm woman ever.

Our House continues on tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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