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Olympians Hold Back Laughter Following Hilarious Interview Moment

Olympians Hold Back Laughter Following Hilarious Interview Moment

Don't judge us for laughing.

We've been hooked on the BBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics - but this one moment is absolute gold (no pun intended).

Clare Balding was interviewing Team GB swimmers Tom Dean and Matt Richards about their gold medal victory in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay which they won with teammates James Guy and Duncan Scott.

But the main highlight from the interview was through Clare’s specific choice of words.

You can see the hilarious moment below:

As you can see from the clip from Wednesday 29th July, the Olympians were struggling to hold back their laughter and understandably so.

Clare was remotely praising Matt Richards on his performance, telling him: “You’re 18 years old, it’s your first Olympics. Your third leg was just phenomenal!”

For those more innocently minded, a “third leg” is a reference to someone being ‘well-endowed’ and therefore their downstairs acting as a “third leg”. Think of a tripod situation, basically.

We know, we need to get our head out of the gutter. But those Olympians were thinking the exact same thing!

Tom Dean and Matt Richards struggled to keep their faces straights (

If you’re wondering whether Clare was actually saying something very rude and inappropriate, don’t worry. The beloved presenter was being completely reasonable in what she was saying to the swimmers.

In sporting terms, a “leg” refers to someone’s share in a relay race. So obviously Clare was just referring to the part of the race Matt Richards was swimming – third along in the order of teammates.

That didn’t stop viewers being in absolute stitches though.

Viewers were loving Clare's phrasing (

One Twitter user wrote: “Crying at Clare Balding saying ‘when you swam your third leg was phenomenal’”.

Another person tweeted: “Properly enjoyed Tom Dean and Matthew Richards speaking to Clare this evening after that amazing relay final, Matt’s phenomenal third leg and Tom trying not to laugh at words third leg #Olympics”.

“Choked on my coke when Claire balding said ‘that third leg was phenomenal’”, confessed someone else.

It's a real highlight of the games so far (

It’s alright Clare, these things happen, and it provided some good laughs. Also, a massive well done to James Guy, Duncan Scott, Tom Dean and Matt Richards. And especially to the last two for trying so hard to keep a straight face in the interview.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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