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The Shocking True Murders That Inspired Olivia Colman's Landscapers

The Shocking True Murders That Inspired Olivia Colman's Landscapers

The new drama is based on cold-blooded murder cases from 1998.

Landscapers is the latest crime drama from Sky and it's already proved a hit with viewers.

The four-part drama has been hailed as a 'masterpiece' by viewers who have already binge-watched the dark story of Susan and Christopher Edwards, who were convicted for murder in 2014.

The pair killed Susan's parents, Patricia and William Wycherley, before burying them in a shallow grave in the back garden of Susan's childhood home. The pair then managed to get away with their crime for 15 years by forging letters and documents to make it seem as though the Wycherleys were still alive and cover up their chilling murders.

After the gruesome murders, Susan and her husband Christopher then went on to steal money from their victims.

Initially the pair stole £40,000 from their victims' accounts, before going on to steal a total sum of £286,285 which was spent on Hollywood memorabilia items.

Olivia Colman plays Susan Edwards. (
Stefania Rosini/ Sky UK/ HBO/ Sister)

Despite stealing the extra funds, the murdering pair still ended up owing £160,000 to creditors at the time of their arrest in 2013.

The murders, in the quiet suburb of Mansfield, were so surreal that many found it hard to believe they were real.

The pair initially escaped to France when the truth began to unravel about their terrible crimes and years of deceit, but they eventually handed themselves in and were found guilty at trial in 2014. The pair were sentenced to 25 years in prison, where they still currently reside.

Throughout the trial the pair never admitted to their murders, but instead pleaded guilty of manslaughter.

Christopher and Susan Edwards were given 25 years in prison. (
Nottinghamshire Police)

Both denied murder but admitted manslaughter, sticking to the story Patricia had shot William during a row while Susan was visiting. Witnessing this, Susan had apparently shot her mother in retaliation.

The pair stuck to their story that Christopher had only become involved when they both visited Blenheim Close the next weekend. On this weekend, Susan had apparently admitted to her husband that her parents were dead upstairs.

They admitted burying them the next night.

However, at the trial, the jury heard how Susan had apparently resented her parents for withholding inheritance money from her and using it for a property investment instead.

Olivia Colman and David Threwlis play the pair, 23 years on since they committed their crimes. (

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Griffin, who investigated the crimes, reflected on the murders and the bizarre turn of events. In an interview, he said: "It would have been unusual anywhere, but on a quiet housing estate, with families all around, it was the last place you'd expect."

He continued: "My first thought was 'this sounds bizarre'. I questioned in my own mind whether it could be true because it was so unusual.

"But as with any call we took it seriously, followed up some obvious lines of inquiry and I quickly started to believe what we had been told could be true."

Although the pair committed the double murders in 1998, it wasn't until 2014 when they would eventually be convicted for their crimes.

The new drama details the cold blooded murders of William and Patricia Wycherley. (

With the latest series airing on Sky and NOW, it's brought back some dark memories for some viewers. One viewer shared on Twitter: "HBO'S #Landscapers... I can remember being at a friend's house seeing the police in the garden down the road digging up the bodies."

Another user shared a different memory of when the murders hit the press, writing: "Oh heck I remember reading about these two all the memorabilia they blew the £300k on was just worthless junk when the cops had it valued #Landscapers."

Landscapers is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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