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Show creator says Wednesday and Enid's relationship could become romantic

Show creator says Wednesday and Enid's relationship could become romantic

The creators of Netflix's Wednesday have responded to the speculation as to whether Wednesday and Enid may become more than just friends.

The creators of Netflix's Wednesday have responded to speculation over whether Wednesday and Enid may become more than just friends.

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Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton took Netflix so by storm that it's on track to becoming the most watched English-language series in the streaming platform's history.

From lead actor Jenna Ortega's unplanned but iconic Wednesday dance routine to her hilarious admission to hating a hit song, viewers have fallen in love with both the actor and the 16-year-old member of the Addams family.

In falling for the character, viewers also can't but help wonder if Wednesday herself with find love, with some fans wondering whether Wednesday and fellow pupil Enid's (Emma Myers) relationship could blossom into something more than friends.

The show's creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have since opened up about the potential future of Wednesday and Enid's relationship.

Some fans have speculated whether or not Wednesday and Enid's friendship could turn into something more.

In the eight episodes of Wednesday's first season, the 16-year-old student meets a barista named Tyler and ends up in a love triangle with him and her classmate Xavier (Percy Hynes White).

However, could Enid be her happy ending?

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Millar reiterated Gough's earlier point that 'the idea of sisterhood is key to the show'.

He continued: "We’re not gonna discount anything, and, obviously, sometimes characters reveal themselves, which is the fun thing we love about television, that it’s an organic journey. We have a roadmap, and we’d like to have routes along that map that take you in unexpected directions. So, we’re open to everything.

"We wanna explore that friendship in every way, but we’re not gonna be, this is where you sometimes get misdirected by fans and things like that, so it’s just being really open to see how those characters develop and that friendship. As Al said, that friendship is key to our sort of vision of the show."

'Sisterhood is key to the show,' the creators explained.

Despite some fans excitement over the possibility of romance being on the cards for Enid and Wednesday, others didn't get that vibe from the series and responded to the creators to try and ward them off going with the idea for any potential future seasons of the show.

One wrote: "Wednesday doesn't need a relationship of any kind; I hated the love triangle shit they pulled with Xavier and Tyler, and while I want more queer rep, I didn't get that vibe from Wednesday and Enid. Not everything needs to be a romance."

"Basically it translates to 'we’ll cater to the shippers bc they’re very loud'. No please. Wednesday and Enid’s interactions are typical between friends and friendship is just important—not everything has to be turned into romance," another said.

Others resolved Wednesday isn't the sort of person who 'needs any romance' anyway or they'd like to see her character revealed to be asexual. One said: "So I've seen a lot of people clamouring for Wednesday to have a romance with Enid in #wednesdaynetflix. And while that would be very cool, there's another representation that would be equally as cool (though admittedly not "Hollywood"). Asexual/Aromantic."

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