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Unsolved Mysteries viewers baffled by the Tammy Williams case

Unsolved Mysteries viewers baffled by the Tammy Williams case

Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 dropped on 18 October

Viewers of Unsolved Mysteries are completely baffled by the Tammy Williams case.

After Volume 3 of the hit series dropped earlier this month, fans of the Netflix show can't get to grips with one particular case - a harrowing story of a 2018 murder of a man named David Carter who's body parts were stuffed into bags and left on the side of the highway.

You can watch the trailer below:

The case follows prime suspect Tamera 'Tammy' Williams, David's girlfriend.

David was killed by a bullet to the head and the last time he was seen was at one of his son’s school games, according to his sister.

Williams was believed to be in attendance at the game, however, the couple were reportedly not speaking as David's sister speculated that the pair could have broken up later that night.

David's family claim that Williams was the jealous type who was brought into questioning shortly after his death.

However, as there wasn't enough evidence to hold her, she was let go.

Shortly after David's body parts were found, Williams left town.

Police have still been unable to locate her whereabouts and no one had been charged with the murder.


Taking to social media, one viewer thought: "Keep your eyes peeled for Tammy, everyone. I'm hoping this is another case that can be solved by Unsolved Mysteries viewers."

Someone else said: "Watching the new unsolved mysteries season. 3rd episode got me heated. and to find out that tammy's last known location is in NYC??? oh i'm keeping my eyes and ears OPEN."

US Marshalls

The official synopsis for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 reads: "Are you ready to solve a mystery? The global phenomenon returns with nine new mysteries in Volume 3. Join the search and perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery.

"The iconic and gripping series returns with a three-week event featuring more unexplained deaths, baffling disappearances, and bizarre paranormal activity. "Unsolved Mysteries Vol 3 is from the creators of the original docuseries, Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, and 21 Laps Entertainment, the producers of Stranger Things.

"In the third instalment of this iconic docuseries, real people experience unthinkable crimes, puzzling disappearances and paranormal happenings."

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