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Stay Close Fans Frustrated After Discovering Yet Another Plot Hole

Stay Close Fans Frustrated After Discovering Yet Another Plot Hole

We're scratching our heads over this one.

Warning: Spoilers for Stay Close ahead!

After binge-watching the addictive series in one sitting, Stay Close fans can't stop analysing the Netflix thriller and picking out plot holes.

The latest Harlan Coben series is full of unexpected twists and shocking revelations, but even after all was revealed in the final scenes, viewers were still left with a lot of unanswered questions.

You can watch the trailer for Stay Close here.

Stay Close focuses on Megan, a mother of three who is getting ready to finally tie the knot with Dave, the father of her children.

But her past life, as an exotic dancer named Cassie, comes back to haunt her when her old boss Lorraine reaches out.

Lorraine’s appearance and news draws Megan back into a world of lies, murder and deceit – with her family becoming caught up in a missing persons case.

From the beginning, we're made to feel pretty wary of Lorraine after she shows up on Megan's doorstep, but viewers are now starting to wonder why.

Eventually, we learn that it was Lorraine who had been behind the murders of numerous men for many years, but that still doesn't explain why she's so unsettling with Megan in earlier episodes.

Lorraine in Stay Close (

Taking to Reddit to try and make sense of it all, one viewer asked: "Why did they make us think that Lorraine and Meghan were enemies in the first episode and made it seem like Lorraine wanted to harm her with the creepy card and the tennis match scene, when really, they we’re good friends[?]"

A fan of the series replied: "No idea. Just to set up some tension?

"The way the show progresses really feels so far removed from how it began. When they threw in Broadway-obsessed killers, I just stopped trying to understand the tone they were going for."

Another added: "The theme of this show seems to be misdirection and making people out to be very different from what they initially look like - though I do think it's quite overdone on the show."

This isn't the first question the viewers have raised about Lorraine in the series, either.

Lorraine is the killer in the Netflix series (

Fans were confused after learning that one of the murders that Lorraine confessed to wasn't her at all, and it's never explained why.

You can read more about that here.

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