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Stay Close Fans Baffled As Police 'Plot Hole' Never Explained

Stay Close Fans Baffled As Police 'Plot Hole' Never Explained

Did this detail leave your flummoxed?

Nothing has us in a chokehold more than a good Netflix binge, with its latest adaptation of Harlan Coben’s work, Stay Close, our most recent TV obsession.

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We were hooked on the story of Megan (played by Cush Jumbo), after a familiar face from her sordid, secret past comes back to haunt her.

The arrival of this stranger starts the unravelling of a mystery Megan (or Cassie) had longed to kept secret, and even sees her entire family embroiled in a story of murder, sex and scandal.

However, while Stay Close kept us captivated with its numerous twists and turns, the compelling narrative did have several plot holes that some viewers can’t overlook.

Megan realises she's been locked in (

At the end of the sixth episode, we see Megan run to save her eldest daughter Kayleigh, after the ‘Barbie and Ken’ assassins kidnapped her and kept her hidden in a forest cabin.

Heading to the police station, they report the crime to Brian Goldberg – who viewers know is working in cahoots with the kidnappers so he can fund his daughter’s musical education.

Trying to keep Megan and Kayleigh hidden so Barbie can have her way with them, Goldberg locks them in an office underneath the police station, with Megan and Kayleigh realising they’re trapped.

Megan and Kayleigh are forced to escape kidnappers (

However, at the start of episode seven, Megan and Kayleigh are out the office and talking to Detective Broome like none of that even happened.

Eh? We were scratching our heads at this one.

And it seems we weren’t the only ones, with many people point out the plothole on social media.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Why didn't Cassie and Kayleigh mention anything about Goldberg LOCKING THEM IN AN OFFICE? Someone would have had have come help them get out of there... Surely that would have identified the leak earlier?”

Fans were left scratching their heads about the plothole (

Another pondered: “how did they get out the locked office in the police station,?”

A third pointed out: “Just binged #StayClose on @NetflixUK and while overall it was good, a few gaps in the story didn't seem to make sense. How did no one find Goldberg, or notice him missing sooner. How did Ken get Barbie out of the cop shop, who let Megan and Kayleigh out of their room...”

Others spotted the 'error' (

While one user on Reddit asked: “Question, how did Megan and Kaleigh escape the locked office and why didn't they mention Goldberg had locked them in?”

Hmmm…Mr Coben, we need answers!

Stay Close is available on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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