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Netflix viewers call new terrifying horror Soft & Quiet 'real nightmare fuel'

Netflix viewers call new terrifying horror Soft & Quiet 'real nightmare fuel'

Soft & Quiet, written and produced by Beth de Araújo, premiered on March 12, 2022.

Netflix fans have been left stunned by terrifying horror movie Soft & Quiet.

Viewers have branded the film as 'nightmare fuel' - so those who find it tough enough to sleep as it is might want to rethink this one.

The film - written and produced by Beth de Araújo - premiered last year, on March 12, 2022, and US Netflix fans are only just watching the movie for the first time.

Soft & Quiet follows a single afternoon in the life of elementary school teacher Emily.

The teacher organises a club meeting of like-minded women, with the booze well and truly flowing.

Netflix fans are s**tting their pants over terrifying horror movie Soft & Quiet.
Momentum Pictures/Netflix

The group then decides to move the meeting to Emily's house so that the wine drinking can continue to flow.

However, when the group run out of refreshments, they stop at the local shop to stock up on supplies.

This is when an altercation between a woman from Emily's past and the group takes place, with it all going rather violent from there.

Notably, Soft & Quiet is filmed in just one cut, which really adds to the spookiness of the film.

It touches on some really sensitive topics too, from racist language used in a shop scene to swastikas carved into innocent-looking cakes.

Small spoiler alert*

One scene sees the group of women kidnap two Asian-American women and hold them hostage.

They torture them in ways you wouldn't imagine, leaving viewers mortified.

Viewers have branded the film as 'nightmare fuel'.
Momentum Pictures/Netflix

For some, the film was just too much.

One person tweeted: "I am 23 minutes into #SoftandQuiet and it is horrifying."

"Yes. They're just sitting there talking and I'm scared to death," another wrote.

A third added: "#SXSW2022 #SoftandQuiet Deeply discomforting to watch, but that’s the point. Beth de Araújo wants us as spectators, as it plays out in real time, stuck with the most heinous, hateful women ever. A very bold debut, and the most terrifying and infuriating film I’ve seen yet."

While a fourth chimed in: "Watched #SoftAndQuiet last night.

"One of the most terrifying movies I have seen in recent years, real nightmare fuel about white supremacist violence."

"This is honestly one of the most terrifying films of all time. Despite the horrific subject matter, not to mention how upsetting it was to sit through, I still can't help but appreciate the director's audacity. Congrats to the actors as well," a fifth added.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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