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Netflix's Sex/Life intimacy coordinator sets record straight on 'fake penis' in viral locker room scene

Netflix's Sex/Life intimacy coordinator sets record straight on 'fake penis' in viral locker room scene

Devon left people stunned when he revealed his new penis

You know a show called Sex/Life is going to have some explicit moments in it, but that still wasn't enough to prepare viewers for Devon's full-frontal locker room scene in season two.

The second series of the drama arrived on Netflix earlier this month, welcoming back Billie (Sarah Shahi) and Brad (Adam Demos), as well as actor Jonathan Sadowski as Devon.

Fans of the show will know the on-set intimacy coordinator would have had their work cut out for them, with one unfortunate storyline resulting in Devon's genitals being bitten off by a sex worker.

It's definitely not an enviable situation, but Devon made clear in the new season that he was able to make the best out of a bad situation.

Reassuring Cooper that doctors were able to save his penis, the character whipped off his towel to reveal an appendage with a 'whole new lease on life', which he operated with a built-in penis pump.

The scene quickly went viral as fans were stunned by Devon's revelation, prompting many people to question whether it could be real.

The scene quickly went viral.

To help set the record straight, Sex/Life intimacy coordinator Casey Hudecki told Us Weekly Sadowski 'had a whole prosthetic process before and after [the locker room moment]'.

“He was so stoked for it,” Hudecki said, adding: “I don't wanna speak for him, but I'm sure he will tell you that he thought it was hilarious. And he was ready.”

Hudecki's comments come as creator Stacy Rukeyser sought to leave people guessing about whether the penis was fake, telling Variety: “I’m not sure it’s a prosthetic."

Though the scene has been circulated widely online as a standout part of the show, Rukeyser has also made clear that it’s also a core part of the series’ narrative.

Sadowski said the scene was 'hilarious'.

"Our ‘OMG’ moments always come from a place of story and character,” she told Tudum. “We really wanted to see what was going to happen with Devon.”

After writer Jamie Dennig pitched the idea of a mechanical penis, Rukeyser said she was 'completely here' for the storyline, saying: "I felt like it was such a delicious comeuppance for Devon."

“Those scenes work really well because of Mike Vogel’s (Cooper) reaction to them,” Rukeyser added. “What’s also so delicious, is that there is sweetheart Cooper, who would like to be anywhere but there. It’s fun to do a scene that’s rooted in character but done for comedy, too.”

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