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Fans Of Netflix Film Really Love Outraged By 'Disappointing' Ending

Fans Of Netflix Film Really Love Outraged By 'Disappointing' Ending

So… is that it?

If you’ve been looking for a good, heart-tugging romance to sink your teeth into, look no further than Really Love.

Available to stream on Netflix, the film stars Kofi Siriboe as Isaiah, a struggling artist trying to make ends meet in an increasingly expensive Washington DC.

Watch a trailer below.

Quite by chance, Isaiah meets Stevie (played by Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing), an ambitious law student who has a place at a prestigious university, backed up by her wealthy parents.

While the pair have instant chemistry and their initial romance seems to blossom into something more, the couple face several obstacles in their relationship which result in things between them getting rocky.

If you’ve not got round to catching Really Love just yet, this is where we suggest you advert your eyes, as there’s major spoilers ahead.

Isaiah and Stevie have electric chemistry (

After Isaiah and Stevie call it quits following one too many arguments, the film fast-forwards a year and sees Isaiah now a successful artist at one of his shows in Chicago. He bumps into Stevie, and while she has a new boyfriend, it’s clear the spark is still there and the pair end up spending the night together.

But when Stevie wakes up to find Isaiah sketching, she realises that she will always be second to his art – and storms out his room, despite his pleas for her to stay.

The movie ends with Stevie attending one of Isaiah’s Washington art shows, and is left visibly moved when she realises his big centrepiece, a nude painting titled ‘She’ is actually of her. Just as Isaiah approaches her, the film cuts to the credits.

Isaiah and Stevie's love story is left incomplete (

While viewers loved the film, they were left bitterly disappointed with the ending, as we don’t find out whether Isaiah and Stevie ever reconcile – and took to Twitter to vent.

“I thought Really Love on Netflix was gonna be good but that ending was not what I wanted,” one person fumed.

A second added: “The ending to ‘Really Love’ on Netflix …wtf,” while a third more bluntly said: “The ending to ‘Really Love’ on Netflix just p***ed me off!”

People loved Really Love...until the ending (

“Really enjoyed Really Love on Netflix but what in the in world was that ending lmao?” a fourth asked

Kofi Siriboe has since explained the film to viewers, saying the focus is on more than just Isaiah and Stevie’s relationship.

“I call it a psychological romance,” he told Blast. “It’s character driven and about these individuals, their personal worlds, their personal friend groups, and how those all collide. It’s beautiful.”

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