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Netflix viewers can watch brand new series in 40,000 different ways

Netflix viewers can watch brand new series in 40,000 different ways

Kaleidoscope, a new series heading to Netflix in the new year, can be watched in a staggering 40,000 different ways

A brand new Netflix series is on the way, but this is far different from the typical watch we come to expect from the streaming platform.

There are many series on Netflix that allow viewers to take a more interactive way of watching their favourite TV shows.

But this new one, known as Kaleidoscope, allows viewers to watch it in a staggering 40,000 different ways. Yes, really.

The non-linear series follows a bunch of thieves as they tackle a fairly difficult heist that's years in the planning.

An official Netflix synopsis of the series reads: "Spanning 25 years, Kaleidoscope is an all-new anthology series following a crew of masterful thieves and their attempt to crack a seemingly unbreakable vault for the biggest payday in history.

"Guarded by the world’s most powerful corporate security team, and with law enforcement on the case, every episode reveals a piece of an elaborate puzzle of corruption, greed, vengeance, scheming, loyalties and betrayals.

"How did the crew of thieves plan it? Who gets away with it? Who can be trusted?"

Each of the episodes will be named after a colour, such as Pink, White, Yellow and Green.

And no matter what point viewers jump into the series, from 20 years before the heist or a couple of months after it - the story will all make sense, according to its makers. Clever, eh?

Viewers will be able to watch Kaleidoscope in 40,000 different ways.

When Kaleidoscope launches on Netflix on 1 January 2023, there will be eight episodes for viewers to enjoy while they recover from the inevitable New Year's Day hangover.

With all the combinations you can make by watching the series in any way you like, Binged has found there are exactly 40,320 different ways of watching Kaleidoscope.

Obviously, watching them in a certain order will impact the story that is being told, and it will be interesting to see how everyone's differs.

Kaleidoscope, which was previously known as Jigsaw, is created by Eric Garcia, known for the likes of the 2010 film Repo Man.

Kaleidoscope will be available to stream on Netflix from 1 January.

Somehow, Garcia says that the new series is based loosely off true events.

He said: "“After Hurricane Sandy, $70 billion worth of bonds got flooded in the basement of the DTCC, which is a large clearing effort that’s owned by a bunch of the big banks. To my mind, I was like, ‘Well, that’s a perfect coverup for a heist!’”

The series also stars Giancarlo Esposito, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, Peter Mark Kendall, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Niousha Noor, Jordan Mendoza, Soojeong Son and Hemky Madera in its cast.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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