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Married at First Sight star appeared on other reality TV shows

Married at First Sight star appeared on other reality TV shows

April has been looking for love just about everywhere

Married At First Sight fans might have noticed that one of this year's contestants looks a little bit familiar - and that's because this isn't her first time on TV.

Yes, MAFS is back and we're officially ready for the bizarrely wonderful reality show to take over our lives for the next few weeks.

Among this season's contestants is dress designer, and former Ms Great Britain, April Banbury, who already seems to have fallen head over heels for her new husband George Roberts.

April Banbury is no stranger to reality TV.
Channel 4

Fingers crossed that things work out for April, 33, and George, 40, because there are only so many more dating shows she can try her luck on.

That's right, if you think April looks a little bit familiar, it's because she *is*.

Back in 2011, April got her start on TV when she joined Channel 5's The Bachelor.

The beauty queen was among 25 girls who had to battle it out to win the affections of rugby star Gavin Henson.

Although April did pretty well on the series, she eventually wound up in third place and went home single.

A decade later, April decided to give reality dating another go, and joined the cast of ITV's The Cabins.

The Love Island-inspired series followed six singletons as they went totally off-grid, moving to a cabin in the countryside in the hopes of finding love.

So April packed her bags and headed off to a luxury cabin in Cumbria to meet the man of her dreams. When she got there, it wasn't long before she fell for model Ryan Darvill.

Although the pair immediately hit it off and eventually left the series as a couple, their romance was cut short by the pandemic, and they parted ways.

Now, April is trying her luck on Married At First Sight, and in Tuesday (30 August) night's episode, it looked like she and her new husband George were off to a cracking start.

The happy couple seemed smitten with one another, but a teaser clip from tonight's episode has hinted that this relationship might be on the rocks already.

April and Ryan fell for each other on The Cabins.

In the preview for Wednesday night's episode, April and George's honeymoon appeared to be off to a poor start, when George told cameras: "April's been intimate with somebody else."

He added: "I've been cheated on. F**k'," before storming away.

Fans of the series couldn't believe that the happy couple had fallen out so quickly.

Let's hope that everything isn't as it seems, here.

Otherwise, we'll be expecting to catch April on the line-up for Winter Love Island!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 9.00pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/aprilbanbury/Matt Monfredi Ltd

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