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MAFS UK Fans Spot Huge 'Red Flag' With Contestant Franky

MAFS UK Fans Spot Huge 'Red Flag' With Contestant Franky

This is such a turn-off.

Married At First Sight UK fans have met two new couples on Thursday's show, including ex-military groom Franky.

But when Franky was talking about what he looks for in a partner and a relationship, fans clocked somethign he said as a massive red flag...

Franky listed what he looks for in a relationship (
Channel 4)

Franky talked about how he'll let a woman run the house but be more dominant in the wider picture and viewers are not won over by this 'traditional' set of values.

Some of them piped up about their thoughts on Franky's request.

Viewers were not impressed with Franky's values (
Channel 4)

One fan noted how Franky's values maybe more indicative of a different time period: "“I’ll let the woman run the house,” says Franky, the first #MAFSUK to have arrived from the 1950s."

Someone else on Twitter agreed with this: "Does Franky live in Dubai or the 1950s?"

Another tweeter wrote: "You'll let the woman run the house! How kind of you Franky!"

Will viewers be able to look over Franky's comments? (
Channel 4)

Franky, 47, works as a strength and conditioning coach in Dubai. Franky is proudly old school. He's a military man, which means he's used to being a dominant leader, and has no problem telling people exactly what he thinks.

Having fought for his country for 15 years and lived as an expat for 15 years in Dubai, Franky wants to find his soulmate who’ll be happy to join him overseas when the experiment is over.

The biggest clincher is that his match shares his morals and beliefs, and has the same desires for their relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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