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People Are Shocked As Molly Mae And Maura Discuss How Many People They've Slept With In Love Island Throwback

People Are Shocked As Molly Mae And Maura Discuss How Many People They've Slept With In Love Island Throwback

The besties talked body count during their time on the series.

Love Island fans are reeling after rediscovering a clip from the 2019 series when Molly-Mae Hague and Maura Higgins discussed how many people they had slept with before coming on the show. Watch the clip here:

Sex-positive and flirty Maura shocked the other islanders when she revealed her 'body count', with the likes of Molly-Mae and Amy Hart admitting that they had assumed her number would be a bit higher.

Molly-Mae, who is now besties with Maura outside the villa, told the Irish influencer: "I thought you'd be in the f**king numbers, like the numbers. No disrespect but you're so, like, you know... sexual - and I love it - I just thought maybe the number would be higher."

Molly then added: "Kudos to you, proud of you. Keep the numbers low."

A curious Tommy Fury then asks Molly how many people she had slept with, to which she replied: "It's not a lot but it's more than five."

Later in the same scene, Molly-Mae and Amy go on to reveal that they had each slept with eleven people.

After the clip was re-shared to TikTok by a fan, users took to the comments to discuss the long-forgotten scene.

Molly-Mae couldn't believe it when Maura told her her number. (

Some of the top-rated comments consisted of TikTok users arguing over whether five was a high or low number of people to have slept with.

"More than five should not be normalised," suggested one viewer.

"Five is too low," retorted a second.

And a third added: "Not people saying five is a lot."

However, the majority of comments were from users who were appalled the conversation had happened in the first place.

"The actual cheek of Molly," wrote one shocked fan.

"Normalise not caring about how many people someone sleeps with because it’s nothing to do with them," a second suggested.

"Still don’t understand why peoples body count matters to be honest, let people do what they want lol," commented a third.

Before the show, Maura had been in a nine year relationship. (

And a fourth user added: "To be honest, if it’s one or 40, it’s no one's right to judge. If someone tells you, you don’t have to date them, but don’t shame people".

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury went on to win second place in the reality series that year, with Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard following closely behind in fourth place.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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