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Love Island: Lucinda Strafford Explains Why Her And Aaron Francis Have Broken Up After Less Than A Week

Love Island: Lucinda Strafford Explains Why Her And Aaron Francis Have Broken Up After Less Than A Week

Good news for Brad?

In news that pretty much everyone saw coming, Lucinda Strafford has broken things off with Aaron Francis less than a week after they were booted out of the Love Island villa.

Just 72 hours after they’d touched down in Blighty, the 21-year-old revealed that she and Aaron have instead decided to just be “really good friends” instead of pursuing their blossoming romance.

Unfortunately, both of us didn't find actual love in the villa,” she said to Mail Online. “We're great friends, I know that I can come to him for anything. The aim of the game is to find love and I did really want to… I made amazing friends in there.

“We'll definitely meet up, but whether it's a date… we're unsure what's going to happen romantically between us, because we haven't been able to properly see each other, and we're both going to be busy because we have busy schedules going on so, if it's not romantically we'll be really good friends.”

Lucinda and Aaron had only started getting closer (

Lucinda added she has swapped numbers with Aaron after the pair were voted the least compatible Islanders by the public earlier this week.

“We've kept in contact, we're both in isolation, and there has been a couple of messages here and there,” she said. “We did like each other in the villa, which was quite obvious, but we were only coupled up for a few days. It's so crazy to think I was in there for almost three weeks, I feel like I blinked, and it was over.”

And it looks as if Lucinda’s split with Aaron could be good news for Brad, as she teases that she’s got in touch with the labourer from Northumberland.

It could be good news for Brad (

“I have been in contact with Brad, he messaged me saying 'well done', and he's so lovely. I'm sure we will meet up,” she said. “There are absolutely no hard feelings between Brad and me. It was genuinely so upsetting when he left the villa, he was part of the furniture. I like that we're still in contact.

“He left and no one was expecting it, it was awful. Brad and I were quite close; however, we only knew each other for a week and coupled up for a few days. Obviously, we liked each other but I had to think to myself 'don't make any rash decisions', I was thinking should I leave? Should I not?

Lucinda and Brad were forced apart by the public vote (

“I am happy I did stay. In that week of meeting Brad, I was also getting to know other boys, it was a week since I entered the villa – it wasn't a week of Brad, Brad, Brad, it was a week of me being there. I liked Brad and he was number one, but I was getting to know other people.”

Looks as if Lucinda still has the pick of the boys even outside the villa!

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV.

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