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Love Island Fans Are All Baffled By 'The Broken Eagle'

Love Island Fans Are All Baffled By 'The Broken Eagle'

The broken what, now?

Love Island fans were scratching their heads on Monday night when new islander Paige Thorne said that her favourite sex position was 'the broken eagle'.

After coupling up with her first partner Luca Bish in the show's premiere episode on Monday night, the conversation switched from 'what's your type' to 'what's your favourite sex position' in record time.

Watch here:

After Paige and Luca got paired up by public vote, the two went off for some alone time in the sun to get to know each other a little bit better.

While some viewers couldn't get over just how quickly Luca had brought sex into the conversation, others were rushing to Twitter to find out what exactly a 'broken eagle' was.

"Anyone else lie on the floor with their friend and try and figure out what the broken eagle is ??" asked one confused fan.

"Broken eagle?!?!" asked a second.

"So has everyone had to Google the 'broken eagle' then?" tweeted a third.

And a fourth echoed: "Let me go and Google what broken eagle is before I forget".

"What the hell is a broken eagle" wondered a fifth, while a sixth asked the Twitterverse: "Guys, prior to tonight's episode of Love Island, did you know what a Broken Eagle was?"

Paige Thorne had fans wondering what a 'broken eagle' was.

Well, according to Paige herself, the broken eagle sex position is pretty straight forward.

It involves one person lying on the mattress, with one leg out straight and the other bent at the knee.

Meanwhile, the other person is on top "doing his thing", so to speak.

This isn't the first time that Love Island fans have been introduced to some sort of twist on the classic eagle position, either.

Last season, Faye Winter first brought the awkward-sounding position into our lives during a game of knowing me, knowing you. However, the former islander referred to it at the time as an 'eagle with a broken wing.'

Faye was a fan of the 'eagle with a broken wing' last season. (

Explaining the position on Faye's behalf, last year's winner Liam Reardon said: "Basically you've got two legs in the air. But she lets one leg down."

Confirming Liam's guess, Faye added that for her, "it's got to be the left [leg]".

What can we say? You learn something new every day when you tune into Love Island!

Also paired up for the beginning of the season are Dami and Amber, Gemma and Liam, Indiyah and Ikenna, and Tasha and Andrew.

Love Island continues on Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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