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Eazy: Fans Think Love Island's Chloe Burrows Inspired Kanye West's New Song

Eazy: Fans Think Love Island's Chloe Burrows Inspired Kanye West's New Song

No whey!

Love Island fans were already convinced 2021 contestant Chloe Burrows was the next great MC after she unknowingly took over TikTok with her now infamous one-liner "no whey" and her "roadman" inflections.

Now fans have noticed a lyric in Kanye West's new song seems to reference a memorable Chloe quote from the show.

Watch the clip below:

On Friday, Kanye West and fellow rapper The Game released a controversial track in which the Yeezy founder throws shots at his soon-to-be ex wife Kim Kardashian's new beau, Pete Davidson.

One line has caught the attention of fans of the hugely successful ITV2 dating show in which Kanye raps: "How I ain't bring nothin' to the table when I'm the table?"

Fans were quick to link the line to a scene between Chloe and Liberty Poole in which the latter expressed her doubts in Jake Cornish's intentions as the pair hit a rough patch.

The scene begins with Liberty expressing some of her concerns: “The main thing is Chlo, whatever I’m thinking or his thinking or what, I know what I bring to the table," she says.

Chloe offers up some motivational words: “Of course, you are the f***ing table bruv.”


Liberty responds: “I am the f***ing table. With the f***ing fruit on it.”

Chloe adds: He’s so lucky to have you. Like, it is ridiculous. I hope he doesn’t take you for granted.”

And Liberty warns: “If he is then he’s not the one for me.”

Chloe and Liberty had a chat about Jake (

As fans will remember, Liberty and Jake's relationship was not meant to be and the pair quit the show ahead of the grand finale.

One fan tweeted the lyrics to Kanye's new song alongside screenshots from Chloe and Liberty's uplifting chat.

They said: "So nice of Kanye to sample @Chloe___Burrows on his new song."

Chloe herself soon responded on Twitter, writing: "Honestly where’s the homage."

One fan joked: "Creating culture before our eyes."

Kanye West released a new song on Friday in which he called himself 'the table' (

Another Twitter user said: "You guys should get royalties".

While someone else simply said: "Iconic."

Is Kanye West a Love Island super fan like the rest of us?!

Tyla has contacted Kanye's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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