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Love Island's Chloe's Hilarious Response To Fan Reaction To Iconic One-Liners

Love Island's Chloe's Hilarious Response To Fan Reaction To Iconic One-Liners

Chloe's iconic lines will never be forgotten, no whey!

Love Island fans could always depend on Chloe Burrows to deliver the sassiest one-liners during her stint on the dating show.

After finishing in second place with new boyfriend Toby Aromolaran and having her phone returned, Chloe has been tagged in all the hilarious memes and quotes she unknowingly blessed us with.

In fact, her reactions are just as amusing as the original scenes.

Watch the clip below:

Chloe and Toby had a chat in one viral scene after the footballer from Essex revealed his intentions to get to know new girl Abigail Rawlings. It was the first bump in their relationship after they decided to pursue their attraction for each other while Toby was still coupled up with Kaz Kamwi.

Chloe declared: "That's like a violation, that's very muggy. That's like a statement saying you're a p**ck. I'm not going to let someone take me for a p**ck no way."

Love Island fans sent Chloe some of the memes she inspired (

The financial services marketing executive tweeted: "These memes are amazing! I want to see more."

A fan on Twitter tagged Chloe in a tweet containing the now infamous clip, writing: "THE GREATEST ONE EVER #nowhey."

Chloe tweeted back: "No whey." Eek!

Later, another Love Island fan sent Chloe the "roadman" meme inspired by her pronunciation of "no way."

"I give myself the ick," she quipped.

And the praise didn't end there, Chloe's timeline was flooded with fans hailing her as one of Love Island's most memorable contestants.

"Chloe you literally carried the show," one viewer wrote.

A second Twitter user replied: "You are an icon!!!"

Fans have called Chloe's line 'iconic' (

While a third fan shared: "Will never stop saying No Whey, ICONIC."

One important person in Chloe's life who also thinks she's iconic is her mum Louisa. She visited her daughter in the villa alongside Chloe's sister Bridie days before the finale and lets just say she gave her the ultimate pep talk. "I’ll tell you something, you’ve been fantastic," Louisa said excitedly. "You have been iconic! You have been fantastic, I can’t tell you. I’m so proud of you. You’ve been so funny.”

Here's to not letting anyone take you for a p**ck, no whey!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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