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Love Island Fans Shocked After Spotting Gemma In Heart Rate Challenge Sneak Peek

Love Island Fans Shocked After Spotting Gemma In Heart Rate Challenge Sneak Peek

The heart rate challenge will return in tonight's episode and fans couldn't be happier.

Love Island fans were left in shock after a preview for tonight's episode (28 June) aired last night that teased the Islanders taking part in the heart rate challenge. Watch below.

The challenge sees the islanders try to raise each other's heart rates by dressing up in various different costumes and performing cheeky dances. One detail that caught the attention of viewers is Gemma Owen dancing on Jay, and fans are convinced that Luca Bish won't be happy.

One fan tweeted a picture of what appears to be Gemma licking Jay's ear. They wrote: "Is that Gemma???? Luca is gonna faint."

A second person wrote: "Oh it’s Gemma licking Jay not Paige. Luca is going to be fuming".

Love Island viewers also shared their predictions for the challenge. One viewer shared: "I'm calling it now: Gemma is gonna have her heart beat fasted for someone that’s not luca and he’s gonna be insecure as normal.

"Paige is gonna raise both Jacques and Jay’s heart rate

"Ekin-Su & Davide are both gonna raise each other’s heart beats the most."

Another Twitter user posted a similar prediction about Gemma. "What we all want to see: Paige’s heart rate increasing most for Jay.

Fans are convinced the challenge will reveal all.

"Ekin-Su’s heart rate increasing most for Davide and vice versa.

"Gemma’s heart rate increasing most for anyone other than Luca".

Love Island fans are also predicting that the challenge will reveal that Ekin-Su and Davide are still attracted to each other.

One wrote on Twitter: "Davide’s heart rate will go up for ekin-su."

Another said: "I hope Davide's heart rate gets raised the most by ekin and vice versa."

A third added: "A can’t wait for Ekin-su and davide’s heart rate to be through the roof for each other [sic]."


The pair have had a tumultuous relationship in the villa, and in Monday (27 June) night's episode, Davide stated once again that he has no plans to rekindle his romance with the Turkish actress.

Many of the other islanders – and viewers at home – have noticed a lingering connection between the two.

During a conversation with Jay, who asked Davide if anything was still there between the two, Davide said: "It's hard to explain... I just feel, it's not going in a romantic way... she's like expired for me."

We can't wait to see what happens between them in tonight's episode.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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