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Love Island Reunion: Fans Cringing At Chloe's Painful Reaction To Hugo Being Asked If He Fancied Her

Love Island Reunion: Fans Cringing At Chloe's Painful Reaction To Hugo Being Asked If He Fancied Her

Laura Whitmore asked Hugo Hammond if he fancied Chloe Burrows during the Love Island reunion and her reaction had people cringing.

Love Island fans were left cringing during the reunion on Sunday after host Laura Whitmore put Hugo Hammond on the spot by asking him whether he fancied Chloe Burrows.

Watch the clip below:

Viewers have speculated the P.E. teacher had a crush on Chloe when he decided to save her from being dumped from the Island and publicly criticised her beau Toby Aromolaran for choosing Abigail Rawlings in one of the recouplings.

At the time, Toby confronted Hugo and labelled Hugo a “girl follower”, and things remained frosty between the pair for the next few days until they made amends.

During Casa Amor week, Chloe remained single and Toby and Hugo came back to the main villa with Abigail and Amy Day respectively. 

Despite the bump in their relationship, Chloe and Toby eventually got back together and finished second in the competition. 


Despite the rather awkward setting, Laura asked Hugo about his romantic feelings.

"There was one girl you was kind of interested in and that's Chloe," said Laura, as the rest of the cast laughed.

Laura continued: "Do you wish you had said something to her, do you wish you had said something earlier?"

Hugo replied: "No, it was Aaron [Francis]'s first words before he left, the whole move mad thing - if you don't ask you'll regret it - so I asked the question and you know what, I really enjoyed watching Toby and Chloe since I've been home, so it's been great."

Hugo responded to Laura's question about his feelings for Chloe (

Fans on Twitter branded the exchange pretty painful to watch, as Chloe and Toby both burst into laughter. 


While a second viewer tweeted: "Chloe’s reaction the moment they brought up hugo’s feelings for her SHE’S A WHOLE MOOD I F**KING LOVE HER."

A third shared: "Chloe and toby laughing at hugo is killing me."

Awkward is an understatement!

You can watch the Love Island reunion on ITV Hub now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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