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Love is Blind star Marshall Glaze says he dated another cast mate after the show

Love is Blind star Marshall Glaze says he dated another cast mate after the show

Marshall seemingly took no time on the rebound

One of the Love is Blind stars, Marshall Glaze, has revealed that he dated another cast mate after the show.

After his relationship with Jackie Bonds sadly came to an end, Marshall was quick to get back in the game and tried his luck at love a second time-around.

Can you guess who it was? Check out the reunion teaser here:

The Love is Blind contestant clearly didn't have much luck with his former-beau, Jackie, after their engagement pretty much crumbled for the entire world to see.

But, Marshall wasn't going to let the break-up stop him from searching for the one as he quickly ended up on the rebound with a fellow cast mate from the show.

After already having made somewhat of a connection with the lucky lady in the pods, Marshall decided to take things further and reach out to the one that got away.

Heads up - it may not be who you expect.

Marshall was quick on the rebound after his engagement to Jackie fell through.

"I actually reached out to Kacia," he revealed to E! News, "We tried."

For those of you that may need your memory jogged, Kacia is a 31-year-old family support specialist who spent only a small amount of time on the programme.

While she didn't receive much screen time - it's clear she definitely made an impression on Marshall.

However, at the time, the 27-year-old marketing manager just wasn't ready to commit after still healing from his past relationship.

He said: "I wanted to just distance myself from all of that, from that experience.

"It was going to be difficult to try to make a relationship with Kacia."

The reality TV star went on to that bringing things to an eventual end with Kacia was 'rough'.

"Still to this day, I'm apologetic about starting something," he admitted, "and getting her hopes up with me going back in my shell like, 'This isn't really the time or the place.'"

Marshall says he now knows what he's looking for in a relationship.

With that said, Marshall has been able to see the silver linings in his breakup with ex-fiancé Jackie.

He said: "I know what I want and I know what I don't want. And I know what I need, too."

The star went on to list out exactly what he's looking for now in his next partner.

"I need someone who is very self-aware, someone who has emotional maturity and availability," he explained, "someone who knows themselves and knows that they can have bad times and they can have great times, but it's staying with someone and figuring it out.

Marshall concluded: "That's what makes the relationship so much more sweet."

Fans can see both Marshall and Jackie meet once again when in the first-ever Love Is Blind live reunion which streams later this week (16 April) on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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