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People Praise 'Strong' Lissie Harper In Killing Of PC Harper Documentary

People Praise 'Strong' Lissie Harper In Killing Of PC Harper Documentary

Lissie fought to implement ‘Harper’s Law’ in the wake of her husband’s death.

Viewers have praised the resilience of Lissie Harper in the hugely moving documentary, The Killing of PC Harper.

Lissie, 29, had only been married to police officer Andrew Harper for four weeks before he was brutally killed in the line of duty, after he was caught up and dragged behind a getaway car.

Viewers, who watched the documentary, were left reeling by Lissie’s strength, as she described the moment she learned her husband had been killed to Sir Trevor McDonald.

You can watch the video below.

Lissie went on to explain that she didn’t want Andrew’s death to be in vain, and is now campaigning for Harper’s Law: a mandatory life sentence for anyone who kills an emergency service worker while committing a crime.

Her campaign transpired after Henry Long, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers were acquitted of PC Harper’s murder, and instead are spending 16 and 13 years behind bars for manslaughter, respectively.

Taking to Twitter, viewers were in awe by Lissie’s steely determination and grit after the horrific incident.

Viewers were in awe of Lissie and her strength (

“So much respect for Lissie Harper,” one person wrote. “A truly amazing, strong, tender, composed and genuinely wonderful human.”

“Lissie Harper has been so brave and deserves proper justice for the loss of her Policeman husband,” added a second.

“My heart broke last night as much as it did back then when PC Harper was killed,” agreed a third. “Lissie’s journey is overwhelmingly emotional, her fragility was so evident despite her robust campaigning for Harpers Law.”

Others described the show as 'devastating' (

“A very hard watch. Uplifting to see the courage of Lissie and her determination to get Harpers Law through,” said a fourth, as a fifth agreed: “What an amazing person Lissie Harper is.”

Lissie’s campaigning has resulted in a change in the law, with the government looking to introduce Harper’s Law as soon as possible.

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, said: “PC Andrew Harper’s killing was shocking. As well as a committed police officer, he was a husband and a son. It is with thanks to the dedication of Lissie and his family that I am proud to be able to honour Andrew’s life by introducing Harper’s Law.

Lissie's dignity and determination was praised (

“Those who seek to harm our emergency service workers represent the very worst of humanity and it is right that future killers be stripped of the freedom to walk our streets with a life sentence.”

The Killing of PC Harper is available on ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Thames Valley Police

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