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Killing Eve Fans Convinced Jodie Comer 'Tried To Warn Us' About Disappointing Finale

Killing Eve Fans Convinced Jodie Comer 'Tried To Warn Us' About Disappointing Finale

Jodie's reaction is all of us.

Warning: Major spoilers for Killing Eve ahead.

Killing Eve fans are convinced that Jodie Comer tried to warn us all about the show's devastating ending ahead of the series finale last week.

It's no secret that those who stuck with the BBC drama for the last four seasons were bitterly disappointed with how Eve and Villanelle's story ended, but now viewers suspect that Jodie herself was just as upset.

Just when fans thought that the cat and mouse couple were finally going to make things work and launch their romantic relationship after taking down The Twelve once and for all, the series writers gave them a hard slap in the face.

Killing Eve fans suspect that Jodie Comer tried to warn them. (

Suddenly attacked by snipers sent by Carolyn, the couple jump into the Thames to protect themselves. But Villanelle, who was hit by one of the bullets does not survive the attack, leaving Eve alone in the water, screaming for her lost lover. Before there was any time for explanation, the words 'The End' appeared on screen in block text. It was a lot.

After learning that their beloved Villanelle did not survive the series, some couldn't help but recall the way that Jodie had behaved in the run-up to the final series.

Having finally found their words after the show's jarring ending, and gathering some clues from Jodie's earlier interviews, fans came to the conclusion that the Liverpool actress had been trying to warn them all along.

Sharing an interview that Jodie gave ahead of the show's final season, one fan tweeted: "jodie comer was trying to warn us all along and we should've listened #KillingEve".

Fans think that Jodie was just as disappointed as they are. (

The interview in question was taken from The New York Times, in which Jodie said of the show's ending: "It’s mixed emotions. I was kind of stunned. The beautiful thing about shooting the ending was that we were together on set, which was amazing. I don’t know how I feel about the ending, truth be told."


Reacting to the same interview, a second fan wrote: "The way she told us everything by saying nothing to these interviewers. She knows it’s a sh*t ending, but she couldn’t outright say it."

Some disappointed viewers managed to fish out photos taken from the filming of the series finale, in which Jodie looks rather tired and fed up.

Although this could easily be a result of a long filming day, fans are convinced that the Liverpool actress was just as furious as them over the ending.

Fans were furious with the show's ending. (

"Jodie Comer might be one of the best actresses going but even she couldn’t hide the disappointment #KillingEve #Villanelle," wrote one Twitter user.

"Nobody hates more the final than Jodie #KillingEve," suggested a second.

And a third tweeted: "I think Jodie's look on the day of the final scene says it all. And I think she feels for us right now For anyone wondering why she hasn't posted anything about the finale yet. She's mourning as we are. Give her the time she needs. She loves and lives Villanelle #killingeve".

Many pointed out that Jodie's reaction looked like one they had seen from Emilia Clarke back in 2019.

Jodie Comer was channelling her inner Emilia Clarke ahead of the Killing Eve finale. (
Entertainment Tonight)

Ahead of the Game Of Thrones finale Emilia famously tried her best to contain her disappointment during interviews and red carpet appearances to avoid spoiling the finale for fans, despite knowing that her character Daenerys was in for a devastating ending.


Sharing a screenshot of both Jodie and Emilia during their respective pre-finale interviews, one person wrote: "we need to start taking these looks from actors more seriously i'm not even joking. they warned us for AGES #KillingEve".

Another simply tweeted: "jodie comer aka the new emilia clarke".

In a statement to Tyla about the response to the Killing Eve finale, production company Sid Gentle Films said: "When we first started making Killing Eve in 2017 the team at Sid Gentle could hardly have imagined the scale of the journey we were about to embark upon with our incredible cast and creative team – or the impact that the series would have. 

"But from the very moment Eve Polastri made the link between Villanelle’s assassinations we knew that these wild, passionate, complicated characters could only possibly come to a conclusive end. There are no half measures in Killing Eve.

"Through continents, kills, love, death and rebirth, we hope that fans around the world have relished the journey as much as we have."

Tyla has reached out to Jodie Comer's representatives for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/TVLine

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