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Killing Eve Fans Convinced Villanelle And Eve Are Soulmates After Shock Confession

Ali Condon

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Killing Eve Fans Convinced Villanelle And Eve Are Soulmates After Shock Confession

Featured Image Credit: BBC

Warning: Killing Eve spoilers ahead!

Killing Eve fans are losing their minds after the latest shocking episode saw Villanelle confess her true feelings for Eve, only to be betrayed in a devastating turn of events.

After fighting their feelings, attacking each other and obsessing over one another for the past three seasons, Villanelle finally revealed what she really wanted from Eve, leaving viewers convinced that the two really are soulmates.

Watch Villanelle confess how she feels here:


Villanelle had been speaking to Martin, a British Intelligence psychiatry expert, after deciding she was long overdue a therapy session.

During their chat, Villanelle tells Martin - who is pretty much a hostage - exactly how she feels about Eve, and it left viewers with melted hearts and butterflies in their stomach.

Martin gives Villanelle some hope by telling her that she could still become a better person. This is before V accidentally kills him, of course.

One viewer tweeted: "This is the softest thing ever, Villanelle will give Eve all the love she needs even if eve doesn’t give it back..."

Eve has finally confessed her feelings for Eve. (Credit: BBC)
Eve has finally confessed her feelings for Eve. (Credit: BBC)

Sharing screen grabs from the same scene, another wrote: "Tell me you love someone without telling me you love them.. #killingeve"

A third fan commented: "Villanelle is (head over heels) in love your honour & she just confessed her love out loud in the sweetest way ever. Aaggh wish Eve overheard it. Laura Neal come get this hug #KillingEve."

One fan even made an entire Twitter thread "of Eve and Villanelle from Killing Eve being soulmates, twin flames, hopelessly in love with each other, and the million different ways they say i love you without explicitly saying i love you #killingeve #villaneve".

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

Fans of the series who have been waiting patiently for Eve and Villanelle to finally get together were ecstatic when they heard Villanelle's confession.

However, toward the end of the episode, our full hearts were absolutely shattered when Eve betrayed Villanelle and called the police on her.

Singlehandedly killing any sign of a happy ending, Eve whispered to Villanelle: "I should’ve done this when we first met", before police to barged in to handcuff V.

While fans are still adamant that Eve and Villanelle are meant to be together, they're currently furious at Eve for ruining what could have been.

Viewers were devastated. (Credit: BBC)
Viewers were devastated. (Credit: BBC)

One heartbroken viewer wrote: "i’ve never been so hurt in my entire life #killingeve."

Another devastated VillanEve stan tweeted: "eve really just betrayed her right after villanelle confessed her love for eve i am unwell #KillingEve."

A third simply wrote: "This episode im so mad, so hurt i didnt expect eve to betray villanelle like that #killingeve."

We're starting to wonder whether these two will ever work it out...

Killing Eve is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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Ali Condon
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