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Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin opens up on relationship with estranged mum Kate Gosselin

Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin opens up on relationship with estranged mum Kate Gosselin

The 19-year-old has shared the events that led to him becoming estranged from his mum

Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin has spoken out once again about the events which led to him becoming estranged from his mum, Kate Gosselin.

The 19-year-old found fame on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, alongside his mum Kate, dad Jon Gosselin, his sextuplet siblings and twin sisters, when he was a child.

The teen is set to appear in a VICE TV series called Dark Side of the 2000s, where he opens up about his relationship with his mother.

And in a new clip shared to Twitter, Collin recalls the turbulent time surrounding his parents' separation, in which he believes his mum took her negative feelings out on him:

"I know my mother was going through a lot of things. I mean, a divorce, and plenty of different things that can't be easy to go through," he says in the clip.

"And, you know, I want to think that she needed someone to take out her anger and frustration on, and it was just kind of me. I was in the way and I was there. So, she chose me."

Jon and Kate divorced in 2010, and Kate continued with the reality series, which was renamed Kate Plus 8, until it finally came to an end in 2017.

Collin's sister, Hannah Gosselin, went to live with their dad and was later joined by Collin himself, after Jon obtained sole custody of him in 2018.

The family appeared on an American reality show.

Two years earlier, Kate revealed to PEOPLE that she had enrolled Collin in an out-of-home institution over 'educational and social challenges' that were affecting the 'entire family' - but that's not entirely how Collin or Hannah remember it.

"I'm not going to say I was a perfect child. But I'd say my misbehaving was no different than from my siblings," Collin says in the clip.

These thoughts are echoed by Hannah, who adds: "He would be separated from us. Like, he would not get to come and play outside with us. He would eat dinner at different times than us.

"I don't think effort was made in the home to help him learn what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is not acceptable."

Collin and dad Jon.
Jon Gosselin / Instagram

Last year, Collin told Entertainment Tonight that he 'didn't have a relationship' with his mum after leaving the institution.

"Even before then, I don't think we had much of a relationship, and I think that just kept tearing it even more down so," he said, adding that he thought being on TV tore them apart.

"It gave us less time to actually be together as a family, [and] more time to be in the public eye."

TYLA has reached out to Kate's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery / Instagram/@jongosselin1

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