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Kate Garraway's Sassy Responses After Being Told To Be Quiet During Debate On Good Morning Britain

Kate Garraway's Sassy Responses After Being Told To Be Quiet During Debate On Good Morning Britain

Never change, Kate!

Kate Garraway gave a sassy response during a debate on Good Morning Britain today, after producers in her ear reportedly told her to 'be quiet'.

Kate, 54, was joined by co-host Ben Shephard, as well as guests Kevin Maguire and Iain Dale as they discussed armed forces being deployed in London, to assist hospitals with the surging Omicron outbreak.

And as Kate interjected, she had a sassy response after she was reportedly told to 'be quiet'.

You can watch the moment below:

As Kevin was speaking, Kate said: "One person - just very quickly because everyone's telling me to be quiet, but that's nothing new!"

The show had been having technical problems this morning, with the cameras randomly cutting to black screens. As Ben joked that it must have been Kate's fault, the presenter recalled a story from a previous job, where she spilt an entire latte all over studio equipment.

"I swept my hand across in enthusiasm and poured an entire double latte with vanilla... but this is really shameful, I just panicked because I didn't know them very well. I said 'I might have just spilt a bit of something on the desk but it seems fine'," said Kate.

"Anyway it destroyed the entire studio, and they got the security cameras which I didn't know existed, so they were able to see. They walked in and said 'a tiny bit of coffee?!'

"So the boss still says to me, you cost me the price of a small family car before you even started working."

Kate revealed she once spilt coffee across the studio (

Earlier this week, Kate unveiled a hair-dye disaster on Good Morning Britain, where she revealed she accidentally dyed her usually sleek blonde ‘do ginger.

The 54-year-old revealed that her hair was left with an orange tint after a dye job went awry over Christmas.

Speaking to co-hosts Ben and Susanna, Kate sheepishly explained: “I’m a bit bewildered by how ginger I’ve become over the festive period.”

Kate isn't thrilled with her hair (

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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