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Kardashian Fans Baffled Over Pete Davidson's Gift To Kim

Kardashian Fans Baffled Over Pete Davidson's Gift To Kim

What's in the box???

Kardashian fans were left scratching their heads after watching the latest episode of the family's Hulu reality series, when Kim K was surprised with a mystery gift from Pete Davidson.

The social media mogul had been getting ready to jet off to the Dominican Republic for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot on her private plane when a staff member handed her a gift sent from the SNL alum.

Watch here:

After sitting through an incredibly detailed tour of Kim's new cashmere covered private jet, fans were baffled when the camera crew avoided showing what Kim had been gifted.

Before takeoff, Kim called her new partner to give him a virtual tour of her 'Kim Air' plane before blowing him a kiss and hanging up.

Just as the mum-of-four and her pals took to the skies, a flight attendant joined them to give her "a special surprise that was brought from Pete for you, for the plane."

As the camera panned away, Kim is heard saying: "Oh my God! Shut up! These are my favourite."

Kim didn't share what she got from Pete. (

But before we can see what exactly 'these' are, the episode ends and the credits roll, leaving fans on a lurch.

Taking to Twitter, fans had one question for the SKIMS founder.

"WHAT WAS THE GIFT KIMBERLY!? " demanded a fourth.

Fans were desperate to know what Kim had been sent. (

Elsewhere in the new episode, Kim opened up about her relationship with Pete for the first time, admitting that when she first reached out to the comedian, she was only interested in sex.

Giggling in a confessional scene, Kim revealed that it all stemmed from her SNL hosting gig back in October, when she kissed Pete in an Aladdin and Jasmine skit.

"I was just thinking, like, I heard about this BDE and I need to get out there" she laughed, later adding: "I was basically just DTF."

In case you're not as down with the kids as Kim K, they stand for 'Big D**k Energy' and 'Down To F**k' respectively.

Kim and Pete started dating last October. (

Gushing about her new partner, she said: "People always say he’s so funny and it all has to do with how funny he is. But that’s, like, fourth on my list of why I like him.

"He always wants the best for people, can handle anything, always does it with grace. He’s really, really thoughtful and humble and so genuine."

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Disney+ in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+/Hulu

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