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Jenna Ortega told Wednesday co-star Emma Myers 'how beautiful and wonderful she was' every morning

Jenna Ortega told Wednesday co-star Emma Myers 'how beautiful and wonderful she was' every morning

Ortega told her co-star lovely affirmations every day on set

Jenna Ortega has taken the world by storm for her incredible performance in Netflix's series adaptation of the cult-classic Addams Family film, Wednesday.

While aloof and slightly moody in character, it's clear that the 20-year-old couldn't rave enough about her fellow co-star, Emma Myers, also 20.

Ortega revealed that she told Myers some very heart-warming affirmations each morning on set.

Wednesday first hit our screens back in November of last year and has since sky-rocketed the likes of many blossoming actors into total stardom.

Ortega - who stars as the titular character - gets sent to the weird and wonderful Nevermore Academy upon which she is made to room with werewolf Enid Sinclair (Myers) who she couldn't be more of a polar opposite to.

While the school is dubbed a home for all misfits - it's clear that Wednesday remained the biggest outcast especially compared to Enid's bubbly character.

However, as the episodes proceed, it's clear that Enid's warmth is able to melt away at least a few frosty layers of Wednesday's dead-pan demeanour.

Ortega and Myers star alongside each other as roommates in the Netflix series.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard podcast, released on Monday (6 March), Ortega opened up a little bit more about herself and her experiences filming the series.

Discussing topics like her relationship with her self-esteem, why she doesn’t like watching her own performances and how she's grown to be very protective of Wednesday - Ortega revealed just how much she thought of her co-star and on-screen roomie.

"I don't think I've ever been so protective of somebody," the Netflix star told host Dax Shepard. "I think about her all the time. I only ever want to make sure she's OK and good."

The former Nickelodeon star added that she and Myers formed a bond together on set as well as the rest of the cast whilst filming in the grand Romanian settings.

"I think about her all the time. I only ever want to make sure she's OK and good."

Away from all her friends and family - it's no wonder the two got so close.

"We get along so naturally," Ortega said of Myers.

"I'm so easily comfortable around her," she added before detailing a little more about her morning routine shared with Myers.

She told Dax: "I used to wake up every day in Romania and, before I was even conscious, I would do voice memos and I would sing her a new song every day."

Sweet or what?

Not only would Myers receive a song from Ortega herself but the actor also went on the reveal that she would talk about how amazing she was.

"[I would be] talking about how beautiful and wonderful she was and how she was gonna have the best day ever. I've never had that desire or urge for anybody else," the Scream star continued.

And this lovely treatment wasn't just reserved for Myers.

Ortega also noted that she had a similar routine with both Percy Hynes White, who played artistic psychic Xavier Thorpe and Georgie Farmer who portrayed the loveable gorgon, Ajax Petropolus, who went on to be Enid's love interest.

Ortega would tell Myers how 'beautiful and wonderful' she was.

She said: "They would wait for me after I wrapped shooting to go for walks, or they would cook me dinner, or they would clean apartments.

"We mothered each other, so whenever someone was busier, like going through something, we were there."

Circling back to Myers, Ortega called her a 'sweetheart' and a 'real person'.

"All three of them are. Friends that I made there are kind of my only friends at the moment," she revealed.

And the love definitely goes both ways as Myers has also previously spoken about her off-camera friendship with Ortega.

Speaking to Variety in January, Myers said: "Jenna is very much like Wednesday.

"But because I'm not much like Enid, we don't have the same dynamic in real life - me poking at her constantly, her brushing me off.

"We get along so well, I love Jenna, she's one of my closest friends.

"I think we have a different dynamic off-screen, but I still don't think it's any less important or deep or beautiful than Enid and Wednesday's."

A cute cast or what?

Featured Image Credit: jennaortega/ememyers/Instagram

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