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How I Met Your Father Fans In Tears Over HIMYM Tribute

How I Met Your Father Fans In Tears Over HIMYM Tribute

Making us feel ALL of the feelings.

Warning: Spoilers for How I Met Your Father ahead!

How I Met Your Father viewers are getting seriously choked up after spotting the link to the original How I Met Your Mother series.

Fans of HIMYM have been super protective over the beloved sitcom, but after tuning into episode one of the new Hillary Duff spin-off, they were hooked - especially when they spotted something familar.

Check it out here (but have tissues nearby just in case!)

Much like How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Father will follow a hapless group of friends as they all navigate life and love in New York City.

The new series stars Hillary Duff as Sophie in 2022 and Kim Cattrall as a future Sophie, telling the story to her children.

In the pilot episode, we get to know Sophie's new pals Sid and Jesse, her crush Ian, her best friend Valentina, and her new roommate Charlie.

After getting to know who was who, fans were left in total shock at the final scene.

Sophie and her friends decide to go to Sid's house for a drink after a wild night in New York City.

While the gang marvel at Sid's apartment, HIMYM fans realised it's the exact same apartment that Ted, Marshall, and Lily once lived in!


That apartment looks familiar... (

The immediate giveaway is, of course, the pair of swords on the wall - a staple piece from the original How I Met Your Mother pad.

Sid then tells his new pals that he got the apartment from "this old married couple who posted it on the Wesley Alumni Group."

That old married couple is none other than Marshall and Lily who, according to HIMYM-lore, would be middle-aged by now, raising their three children together.

After watching the scene and finally learning the link between the original series and the spin-off, fans were floored.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "When they walked into the apartment in How I Met Your Father 🥺"

A second tweeted: "I seriously didn’t know how attached I was to HIMYM until I saw this apartment and then I got all choked up."

"This is awesome !!!! 🥺 I literally [got] chills when I saw it," added a third.


One emotional fan commented: "When that door opened…FULL TEARS. IYKYK"

Another wrote: "Not me tearing up when I saw the apartment at the end."

The first two episodes of How I Met Your Father is available to US viewers on Hulu.

UK viewers will have to hold off until March 9, when the series premieres on Disney+.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu

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