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Viewers stunned as man paints Holly Willoughby with world's longest tongue

Viewers stunned as man paints Holly Willoughby with world's longest tongue

The ITV hosts were divided with the outcome

Not really your standard Monday morning when a man uses his tongue to draw you on live TV, is it?

This Morning viewers were stunned as the Guinness World Record holder - for having the largest tongue in the world - used it to paint Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Watch the bizarre scene unfold below:

Nick Stoeberl, from California, who has the record-breaking body part of 3.97 inches (10.1cm), happens to be a United States government official but wouldn't disclose his real job on air.

However, he had no problem in showcasing his 'very eco-friendly' tongue which he says is useful at dinner time.

"That is true, though in restaurants I will try to be polite and use a napkin," he insisted.

"As a kid, sticking my tongue out, of course it was longer than other people who may have been sticking their tongue out at me."

Nick got to work and showed off his artistic abilities with his record-breaking tongue.

Discussing the social advantages of having a long tongue, Nick admitted: "People always want to talk to me. And people always introduce other people to me by saying, 'Oh this is Nick, he’s got the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue'.

"So socially, it’s quite useful."

He also joked: "I may or may not be the result of a government experiment, like the Hulk, yes. If I’m not careful, I may turn green."

Nick has previously painted his own version of the Mona Lisa for his brother. Though that one stays in the family, his other paintings have sold for hundreds of dollars.

Live on air, he then got to work on a portrait of the two hosts, with Holly admitting: "It’s so weird, I feel like I shouldn’t be watching you do this. It feels like a personal moment."

Keeping the drawing sweet and simple, he delivered a very basic painting of the This Morning hosts, who were pretty divided by his efforts.

Holly said it was ‘very good’ and Phil thought it looked like a couple of characters from The Simpsons.

What do you think of his efforts?

Though Nick admitted to worrying about choking on his own tongue - a 'frightening' prospect which thankfully has never been an issue for him - you have to admit it's a pretty nifty party trick.

Commenting on the segment, one viewer tweeted: "This gave me the heave when I was eating my lunch… couldn’t end up watching it!"

Another added: "Watching on delay and will fast forward this part. Feel [sick] just looking at the previews."

While a third said: "That is disgusting, turned my stomach looking at it!!!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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