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Holby City Fans Notice Tribute To Creator Of Show In Final Scenes

Holby City Fans Notice Tribute To Creator Of Show In Final Scenes

This is so sweet.

Holby City officially came to an end this week after 23 years on television, and while wrapping up all of their favourite character's stories, fans were treated to a number of special references and tributes.

It was last year when BBC announced that the popular medical drama was officially coming to an end, and fans old and new finally gathered around their TV screens on Tuesday night to say goodbye.

Through their tears, some noticed that the Holby team had made a touching tribute to series creator Tony Hale with a subtle reference hidden in the closing scenes of the finale.

Watch here:

Tony McHale and Mal Young co-created the series back in 1999 as a spin-off of BBC medical drama Casualty, and McHale was the show's lead writer for several years.

In 2006, McHale was promoted to executive producer of Holby City, and eventually resigned from the show in 2010.

As a vital contributor to the show, it was only right that Tony McHale featured in the series finale - and in his own way, he did.

Unlike previous cast members Chizzy Akudolu, Hugh Quarshie, Luke Roberts, Jules Robertson, Catherine Russell, and Jemma Redgrave, Anthony didn't make a personal appearance in the final episode.

Instead, his name was hidden in Bernie and Serena's hospital.

Holby's creator was mentioned in the series finale. (

As the episode wraps, Bernie and Serena can be seen working in Sir Anthony M.C Hale City Hospital, and fans couldn't help but point out the reference.

One tweeted: "anyone else notice the name of bernie and serena's hospital? #HolbyCity paying tribute to Tony McHale, one of the creators of the show ♥️#HolbyCityFinale."

Shocked by the revelation, one emotional viewer replied: "Stop! Your gonna make me cry again 😭😭 thats so touching!"

A second fan admitted: "Couldn't read it through the tears".

Praising the subtle move, one viewer wrote: "A lovely touch 👏👏👏", while another added: "Oh, I did wonder. That’s lovely."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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