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Heartstopper Viewers Are Just Realising Who Plays The Headteacher

Heartstopper Viewers Are Just Realising Who Plays The Headteacher

We knew that voice sounded familiar.

Heartstopper instantly won the hearts of fans since it dropped on Netflix on Friday, however fans of the series have only just realised by the headmaster's voice sounds so familiar.

Watch the trailer below:

The teen drama follows the love story of two teens, gentle Charlie (Joe Locke) and rugby-loving Nick (Kit Connor) meet at secondary school, whose unlikely friendship blossoms into romance.

Charlie, Nick and their circle of friends must navigate their journeys of coming out and self discovery and acceptance by supporting each other and their friends.

It turns out that the headmaster at the fictional Truham Grammar School for Boys is played by a very popular actor who is also who also happens to be a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community.

In case you hadn't guessed already, headmaster Barnes is voiced than Stephen Fry.

The comical headmaster is never seen in person but can be heard reading announcements over the speakers.

Heartstopper has won the hearts of fans. (

His hilarious quips include his hatred of sports days as well as welcoming the students back for the new term.

We wish our headteachers were like this!

Fans rushed to Twitter after discovering the identity of the elusive headmaster.

One viewer shared: "That absolutely is Stephen Fry as the voice of the Principal. How did I not catch that immediately my first time through?! #Heartstopper".

Stephen Fry is part of the Heartstopper cast. (

Someone else asked the Twitterverse: "Nobody else noticed @stephenfry as the headteacher in #Heartstopper?"

Similarly, another Twitter user wrote: "Stephen Fry's voice is in this? #Heartstopper".

While another Twitter user added: "STEPHEN FRY IS THE FUNNY HEADTEACHER ON THE INTERCOM?! #Heartstopper".


One fan penned: "The headteacher voice over the tannoy sounded like Stephen Fry? #Heartstopper".

The Hobbit actor revealed his casting shortly after the series dropped on Friday and urged his followers to watch the series.

"It is indeed lovely and - if you listen attentively - you might hear the headmaster making announcements and wonder who he might be," he teased.

We're willing to bet Mr. Barnes could be on his way to becoming the most loved headmaster on TV.

Heartstopper is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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