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Netflix viewers say movie is making them cry so much they're almost throwing up

Netflix viewers say movie is making them cry so much they're almost throwing up

Netflix viewers are in tears after watching a particularly emotional 2009 drama

Many of you may enjoy a light sob after sticking on an emotional film, but there’s a movie currently on Netflix that is so heartbreaking that people are saying it’s almost making them ‘throw up’.

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Yep, while some film fans might be happy to curl up on the sofa for a gentle weep – something that can be seen as strangely cathartic – sometimes you're not quite prepared for the sadness that’s in store.

That’s what many viewers have found after firing up Netflix to watch Lasse Hallström’s 2009 drama Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, which is based on the true story from 1920s Japan about the painfully loyal Akita dog called Hachikō.

A synopsis on Netflix reads: “When his master dies, a loyal pooch named Hachiko keeps a vigil for more than a decade at the train station where he once greeted his owner every day.”

While the movie is now more than 10 years old, it seems many people are only just watching it after it was added to Netflix (in the US earlier this month, and in the UK back in February).

It stars Richard Gere.
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Posting about the moving film, one person tweeted: “If anyone wants a good cry watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale on Netflix. I just sobbed so hard I almost threw up 11/10.”

Someone else said: “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale movie is so good. I cry every time I watch it.”

Many others have mentioned it while sharing the films that have made them sob the most.

One wrote: “Hachi: A Dog's Tale. Cried so hard at this movie because it’s based on a true story. Richard Gere is excellent in this.”

The film was originally released in 2009.
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Another commented: “The only movie where I’ve ever actually cried was Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. All the other love and romance/tragedy s**t doesn’t get me, but dogs absolutely do.”

One viewer found it so sad that they felt it was the ‘worst thing’ they’d ever seen.

“There's this movie with Richard Gere on Netflix about a dog, called Hachi: A Dogs Tale,” they explained.

“Sounds light and happy right, about a dog and its owner. Worst thing I have ever watched, just all around terribly sad with no happy ending at all. Steer clear.”

Another said they couldn’t even bring themselves to see it, based on the premise along.

“I can't, I really can't watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale,” they tweeted.

“I'd be bawling my eyes throughout the movie.”

The film also came up when we recently posted about another notoriously sad movie - About Time - when one Tyla reader commented on Facebook: "The saddest movie of all times is actually Hachi: A Dogs Tale. I cried for days. I watched it like 7 years ago and I still want to cry just picturing it. I honestly wish I never saw it."

If you think you can hack it, you can watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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