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Love Island star rushed to hospital after nasty accident

Love Island star rushed to hospital after nasty accident

Georgia headed to hospital after explaining that she 'couldn't stop the bleeding'

Love Island star Georgia Townend spent the night in A&E on Monday after having a nasty accident.

Georgia, 29, who appeared on last year's season of the reality show, took to Instagram to update her followers with photographs of her injury.

Georgia had a nasty accident.

Explaining what happened, Georgia revealed she'd been waiting in hospital for four hours after her painful accident.

She explained: “I hate going to the doctors, hospital, A&E etc, feel like I’m wasting their time but I’ve sliced my thumb right open and it’s been bleeding non stop for quite literally hours.

“I have grown quite attached to it over the years so rather it didn’t fall off. I’m currently camped in A&E for the foreseeable, send help, send hugs, send patience.”

She later told her followers that she was 'all bandaged up'.

Georgia Townend spent the night in A&E on Monday.

Georgia even made some new friends while waiting in the hospital, adding: “Big shout out to my new mates, Charlotte, Doug and Jodie who I met in A&E and spent the entire evening with.

"Pretty much know their whole life stories now.”

Georgia appeared on the 2021 series of Love Island, along with the likes of Liberty Poole and Faye Winter. While the marketing executive had a brief romance with Hugo Hammond, it fizzled out and she was voted off the show shortly afterwards.

The former contestant has previously opened up about life in the Love Island villa. Last year, she said that the islanders end up eating dinner at 3am because they have no concept of time in the villa.

She updated followers later in the evening.

"On our entrance night we went in at about half three in the morning," Georgia explained, referring to the moment she, Abi Rawlings, and Tyler Cruickshank entered the villa.

"So when we went in we were laughing at the other islanders because they were eating, you're eating at about four in the morning.

"Someone like me who goes to sleep religiously at nine o'clock every night, it was absolutely mental to even be up at 3.30 in the morning.

"And that night I was pumped full of adrenaline I just couldn't sleep and I was tossing and turning and keeping poor Abi up.

"I would hazard a guess that we were woken up between 10.30 and 11 the next morning. In Majorca obviously they're an hour ahead and their sunset's about 9pm but it doesn't go properly dark until around 11.

"To do all the night scenes you need that pitch black sky so all of the fairy lights twinkle and there's some contrast between the day and the night."

She did, however, add that the islanders are allowed to have lie ins.

Featured Image Credit: @georgiatownend_ /Instagram /PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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