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Netflix viewers are praising 'hard watch' and 'realistic' emotional drama Four Good Days

Netflix viewers are praising 'hard watch' and 'realistic' emotional drama Four Good Days

Four Good Days stars Mila Kunis and Glenn Close and tells an adapted real-life story of addiction

Netflix viewers have been lavishing praise on a film they’ve discovered on the platform, and you can see what it’s about by watching the trailer in the video below.

One of the first things that people seem to say about this film is that it’s a tough watch, and from the looks of things they are certainly right.

It’s called Four Good Days and stars Mila Kunis and Glenn Close, as well as Stephen Root and Sam Hennings.

It’s based on a true story and tells a harrowing tale of addiction, and shows how it can tear families apart, even sometimes compromising the bond between a mother and her daughter.

Directed by Rodrigo García, the film was released in 2020 and has received mixed reviews from critics, holding a 55 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mila Kunis and Glenn Close in Four Good Days.
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Still, that hasn’t dampened the opinion of fans, who have praised the realistic depiction of addiction and how it can affect close personal relationships.

The real-life source material was based on a 2016 Washington Post article written by Eli Saslow - who co-wrote the film’s screenplay - entitled ‘How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction’.

Kunis stars as Molly, a 31-year-old addict who shows up back at her parents’ house swearing that she wants to get clean.

Despite initial scepticism, her mother Deb (Glenn Close) agrees to help her into detox, though they must wait four days and Molly must stay clean before she can have an opioid responder antagonist shot.

Whether or not she manages to stay sober, or what happens in those four days, you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out.

As we’ve already covered, despite critics remaining lukewarm the film has received praise from many viewers, with one writing: “Both me & my partner watched it together, was definitely emotional being able to see it from parents view as we went through addiction.

“We're currently 4 years clean now but yeah was well worth the watch.”

Fans have praised the film's realistic portrayal of addiction.
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Another said: “Emotional for sure.

“Definitely a hard watch if you’re a softie or have dealt with a loved one who has/had an addiction.”

A third wrote: “A very hard watch especially if one of your loved ones is an addict but realistic.

“Hard to watch though.”

If you want to see it for yourself, Four Good Days is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Vertical Entertainment

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