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Fans Lose It As Indiyah Calls Dami By Another Islander's Name For The Second Time

Fans Lose It As Indiyah Calls Dami By Another Islander's Name For The Second Time

Dami was not happy about the blunder and Indiyah tried to make it up to him with breakfast.

Indiyah and Dami might be seemingly going strong on this year's season of Love Island, but she's got his name wrong for a second time.

The islander made the mistake of calling her partner Deji in last night's episode, and unbelievably, she called him Deji again tonight! Watch Adam start Collarding in tonight's episode:

The first mistake took place in the kitchen and the second happened in bed when they were discussing dumped Casa Amor bombshell Summer.

Dami wasn't happy about it either and said: "I'm actually irritated, it's getting too much now."

The error sent fans into overdrive on social media.

Reacting to the blunder, one viewer wrote: "Indiyah calling Dami Deji not once but TWICE is killing me."

A second added: "when indiyah called dami deji again i was rollingggg [sic]," while a third laughed: "I'm going to need Indiyah to call Dami Deji for a third time."

"I feel like Indiyah is probably gonna call Dami by Deji's name again, cos now it's become a thing, it's in her head even more," speculated a fourth viewer.

Meanwhile, some viewers wondered if blunder is a sign that Indiyah subconsciously knows that she should be with Dami instead.

One wrote: "Indiyah sis that's the sign that you and Deji was supposed to be together [sic]."

"Does Indiyah secretly like Deji??" questioned another viewer. "This is 2nd time she called Dami 'Deji'."

A third speculated: "I genuinely think Indiyah is plotting revenge on Dami- not her calling Dami Deji AGAIN??!"

A Dami hater added: "I hope Indiyah calls him Deji from here on out. She should never address Dami by his actual name again."

"It's like since Dami was in the bottom 2, Indiyah has realised she should have picked Deji," remarked a fifth viewer.

Dami is not happy about being called Deji.

Indiyah tried to make it up to Dami on tonight's episode by making him breakfast, but even that didn't work out for her when Deji asked if she could also cook some eggs for him while she was there.

The error comes after Dami narrowly avoided being dumped from the island in last night's episode after he found himself in the bottom two.

He was only saved by his fellow islanders, who decide to give him more time to pursue his connection with Indiyah.

Hilariously, this is not the first time that islanders have been mixed up on this year's season.

Earlier, Gemma got Jacques and Luca's names mixed up, which was made all the more awkward by the fact that Jacques is her ex-boyfriend!

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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