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Sisters share naked bath together to practice for home birth

Sisters share naked bath together to practice for home birth

They wanted to be 'spiritual' together

Two sisters have left viewers in shock after bathing together naked to practice for a home birth – yep, as you do.

Christina and Jessica, siblings who feature on TLC series Extreme Sisters, were seen taking a dip together in a recent episode as they discussed plans for a forthcoming birth.

Christina, who is expecting a child with husband John Zloty, told the camera: "So, I am going to have a home birth. All natural. I’m going to do it in water. My plan is to turn my living room into a euphoric experience.

"I actually wanted to birth my baby in the woods, in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees, but John didn’t like that idea."

The two sisters are very close – as we realised when we saw them both in the bathroom together.

Jessica and Christina, stars of Extreme Sisters.

Christina was soaking away in the tub, but Jessica soon suggested she also took her clothes off to join her.

“I think I should be naked,” she told her sister.

“Like, let’s both be spiritual.”

Christina said it was a ‘great idea’, but as Jessica started undressing, she admitted: “I’m on my period, though.”

However, this didn’t seem to bother Christina, who just told her to ‘put a tampon in’.

Jessica decided to join Christina in the bath to be 'spiritual' together.

And this isn’t the only time Jessica planned to take a joint bath with her sister, telling the camera that she will be there as Christina gives birth at home – and would be ‘fully’ involved in the process.

"During the birth, I plan on being in the tub,” she said.

“I’m going to be right there next to her, pulling the baby out, putting the baby on her chest.

“I am fully immersing in this power, this womanhood, right there with you."

The clip was posted on social media, where TLC wrote in the caption: “Christina wants an all-natural home birth and Jessica plans to be there EVERY step of the way.”

Naturally, the video was met with a lot of reaction from gobsmacked viewers, who said it was simply 'disturbing' and 'insane'.

Christina plans to have a home birth.

"Eeeew she really got in the tub with her on her period at that," one wrote.

Another agreed her sister needed to 'step back', while a fourth added: "No wonder her husband doesn't like her, they take a bath together, that's a little bit much."

Over on Instagram, where TLC also posted the clip, the consensus was pretty similar.

"That s*** is ridiculous, not crazy but ridiculous," one said, adding: "[Why the f***] do you have a husband for if you’re not allowing him to enjoy this child coming into the world. Their parents should have gotten them help years ago."

Someone else argued that the pair were 'too co-dependent', saying: "The crazy thing is, life happens. You won’t be able to do everything together, s*** you will die at different times most likely."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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