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Euphoria Fans Are Just Realising Ashtray Is Related IRL To The Actor Who Played His Younger Self

Euphoria Fans Are Just Realising Ashtray Is Related IRL To The Actor Who Played His Younger Self

We thought they looked alike!

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Euphoria fans have just realised that Javon Walton, who plays Ashtray, had his little brother play his younger self on the show and it's the cutest thing ever.

Season two of the HBO series dropped on Monday and it gave us a lot to unpack.

Watch the trailer for the new season here:

Following on from last season's pattern, the season two premiere kicked off with one character's origin story - in this case, new fan favourite Fezco.

In the flashback, we watched Fezco (Angus Cloud) grow up with his grandmother and learn all there is to know about the drug dealing business.

We also get to see where Fez's right hand man and little bro Ashtray comes into the picture, and how he got his name.

Young Fez soon finds himself the head of his grandmother's drug empire when she falls ill. To manage it all, on top of taking care of her and young Ashtray, Fez eventually drops out of school.

Season two of Euphoria launched with Fez and Ashtray's origin story. (

While fans wait for episode two to drop next week, they have been heavily analysing episode one, and noticed that one of the child actors who played a young Ashtray, is actually Javon Walton's brother in real life!

One TikTok user shared the news with her fellow Euphoria fans, posting a photo of Javon Walton and his brother Daelo Jin Walton with the caption: "The kid who played young Ashtray is his real life little brother."

We weren't the only ones squealing over this adorable piece of information.

One fan commented: "WAITT THAT'S SO CUTE!"

Another wrote: "That's actually sweet af."

Other viewers couldn't get over how identical the brothers were.

"His mom really said ✨copy and paste ✨," joked one TikTok user.

Javon Walton's little brother Daelo Jin Walton played a young Ashtray.
Instagram/ @onwardmumps

"I love when they use siblings/kids as younger versions of characters, they look the best," added another fan.

While Javon Walton has also starred in The Addams Family 2 (2021) and Utopia (2020), Euphoria's season premiere marked his little brother's first on-screen debut. How cute!

Euphoria season 2 continues on NOW TV on Monday, 17th January.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@onwardmumps

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