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Escaping The Palace: Viewers Turn On Prince William Calling Him A 'Royal Villain'

Escaping The Palace: Viewers Turn On Prince William Calling Him A 'Royal Villain'

The Lifetime film appears to have painted the Duke Of Cambridge as somewhat of a villain.

Viewers of Lifetime's movie, Escaping The Palace have taken the film rather literally, branding Prince William a 'villain' after watching the dramatised depiction of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to leave royal duties.

The highly controversial movie aired on US screens last night, and ran through several of the moments discussed in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Oprah Winfrey interview, including the allegedly controlling behaviour of 'the firm', questions raised about baby Archie's skin colour and Meghan Markle's mental health battle.

But like any movie, it also made a point of hailing heroes and villains - placing Prince William firmly in the 'baddy' role.

Jordan Whalen plays Prince William in the movie (

In one scene, we see actor Jordan Whalen, who plays Prince William, declaring: "What causes problems isn’t colour, it’s culture. Meghan’s an American. She acts more like a celebrity than a royal."

This seemed to hint - on no basis of fact - that the heir to the throne wasn't happy with Meghan's behaviour.

Another scene seemed to suggest William was upset at his brother's lack of 'loyalty' to the crown when he decided to leave the country to start a new life.

Plus, the film raises questions about William's reluctance to denounce bullying against Meghan publicly.

"You need to bloody well make a statement with me decrying racism," says Jordan Dean's Prince Harry.

Prince William was painted as a 'villain' in the movies (

"As future king, you need to push on this horrific bullying."

"For the last time I agree diversity in the family is a good thing," William is seen to snap back.

Reacting to the scenes, one viewer from across the pond took them quite literally, writing: "William, you really want to say your brother isn’t loyal?

"What about your daddy? He wasn’t loyal to your mama. But nooo Harry isn’t loyal because he doesn’t want to deal with the royal family bulls**t. #EscapingThePalace."

Meanwhile, another wrote: "Man I do not like Prince William anymore! I used to think he was a good guy. #EscapingThePalace".

A third penned: "Prince William is such a disappointment. He will be a lousy King. #EscapingThePalace".

You know this is dramatised, right guys?

Prince William and Harry reunited recently (

The public (naturally) isn't privy to much of the discourse between Prince William and Harry, although it is widely believed that their pair fell out - and Meghan spoke in her Oprah interview about a disagreement with Kate Middleton.

The pair were recently spotted together at the unveiling of a statue for their late mother, Princess Diana, hinting that their relationship is now on the mend.

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