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Encanto Theory Explains Harsh Clues About Location Of Mirabel's Village

Encanto Theory Explains Harsh Clues About Location Of Mirabel's Village

This makes a lot of sense.

Disney fans are utterly obsessed with all things Encanto...however, many viewers have been left wondering where Casa Madrigal is actually located, and why it seems old-fashioned.

If you've seen the film, you'll know that it follows the Madrigal family, who reside in a gorgeous house called Casa Madrigal.

Each Madrigal child has been gifted with a magical power, except for Mirabel who searches for her missing uncle Bruno to find out why she hasn't received a gift.

The Madrigals are gifted with powers after the tragic death of their patriarch Pedro, who died protecting his family after their village was attacked.

The new Disney movie follows the Madrigals (

The candle Abuela held onto during the attack was gifted with magic and by a miracle she survived, along with her three children Julieta, Pepa and Bruno, and was gifted with the magical house.

A fan on Reddit, @boringsimp, believes Pedro's death, and Mirabel not receiving any powers, gives some clues regarding the location of the Madrigal's house and their village.

"When the grandfather got killed by the bandits his desire to protect his people manifested into the candle, the house and the surrounding mountains. But this put the village into a time capsule."

Pedro died protecting his family (

"If the house and surrounding village are in a time capsule, this could explain the meaning behind each family member's powers. Because the village was unable to shift into the modern world, each gift helps the residents in the village with their day-to-day lives.

"While the outside world moved on and advanced into modern times. This village stayed, confined in the same time period. This is why he selected his family to take certain duties.

"There was no hospital, so his daughter [Julieta] got the power to heal. There was nothing to help people move heavy stuff, so Luisa got super strength, they couldn't see the clouds in the horizon to predict the rains, so Pepa got the ability to summon clouds.. and so on and so forth."

The theory argues that each family member's gift helps the village because of the time capsule (

Although Disney has not confirmed a sequel, the Reddit poster used their theory to pitch a potential follow-up. "I think in the next movie, the modern world will start coming in and interacting with the people inside [the time capsule] . And the people inside will start moving out. And the villagers will realise there is no more room for magic anymore."

We can totally see this happening!

Encanto is available to watch on Disney+

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