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Coronation Street and Emmerdale cancelled because of the World Cup

Coronation Street and Emmerdale cancelled because of the World Cup

Our favourite soaps could be a stake here!

You can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing or hearing the World Cup broadcast on TV or radio.

And it seems as if our favourite soaps are even affected by the tournament, as Coronation Street and Emmerdale are cancelled this evening as a result of the event, which will see 32 different countries taking part in football matches across 29 days of the event.

I mean, we're just as happy as the next person for football fans right now who get to watch their country play in the World Cup. But our favourite soaps could be at stake here, people!

The soap operas, which both have a permanent spot on ITV during broadcasting, have been forced to come off-air tonight after the football event began in Qatar yesterday.

Our favourite soaps are even affected by the World Cup.

Scheduled across 20th November to 8th December, the World Cup is airing on both ITV and the BBC, while soap schedules appear to be compromised during the football timetable.

Emmerdale’s usual spot begins at 7.30pm on Monday to Thursday, while audience viewers are treated to an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

Meanwhile, Corrie’s spot is at 8pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, including hour-long episodes.

But tonight (21 November), neither soap will be airing on ITV.

The soap operas have been forced to come off-air tonight, 21 November.

Fans of the show will have to sit through the football, instead, where the network will be broadcasting the Wales vs USA game from 6.05pm.

But don’t fret, as soap aficionados will instead be treated to an hour-long Emmerdale episode tomorrow from 7pm to make up for lost time, which will be backed by another hour-long episode on Wednesday from 7pm.

Meanwhile fans of the cobbles will be back on Wednesday at 8pm as usual to start its first episode of the week, while viewers on Thursday can expect another hour-long slot for Emmerdale at 7pm.

Coronation Street will then air an hour-long episode straight after its counterpart on Thursday at 8pm, marking the final episode of the week for the show.

Soap fans are going to be pretty disappointed with today's TV schedule.

But as England take on USA in the World Cup on Friday night, neither programme will be airing.

Eastenders, however, will walk away unscathed during the football frenzy as it takes its usual spot on BBC One at 7.30pm tonight.

But all three major British soaps were available to watch on BBC iPlayer and ITV as of this morning, for those of you who can’t bear to wait any longer before sinking into an exciting storyline, or two.

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