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EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick tells bosses to 'kill off Jay Brown'

EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick tells bosses to 'kill off Jay Brown'

The Jay Brown actor has asked for a very specific end to his time in Albert Square

EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick has told soap bosses exactly how he'd like to leave the show and said they can 'kill me off' to make his perfect exit happen.

The actor, who plays Jay Brown on the popular soap, spoke about the future of his time on Albert Square following the tear-jerking death of his character's wife Lola.

Lola Pearce, played by Danielle Harold, exited EastEnders in a moment that left viewers in floods of tears after the character had been suffering from a brain tumour for the past year.

She died in her sleep, discovered in the morning by husband Jay and daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown), while the final shot of the episode showed a fox treading through the square.

It was a beautiful reference to a conversation Lola and Jay had shortly before her death where they discussed what animals they'd like to come back as if reincarnated.

Jamie Borthwick's character's wife died on EastEnders.

Jay told Lola she'd be a fox as she was 'wily, sassy, scrappy and sexy' and joked that he'd like to be a rat so the couple could 'rummage through the bins together'.

Now that Danielle Harold is off EastEnders after eight years and Lola has died in the most heartbreaking way possible, Jamie Borthwick has some ideas on the way he'd like to go out.

He told the Daily Star his very specific wish for his EastEnders exit, a show he's been on since 2006.

Borthwick said the soap bosses could 'kill me off' as long as he got the final scene he was angling for, though it'd be a pretty bad do for his character's daughter Lexi to lose both of her parents in quick succession.

As for how he wanted to go out, Borthwick told the Star he'd be fine with being killed and never being able to return to EastEnders as long as there was 'a fox and a rat rummaging through the bins as my final clip'.

After Lola died we saw a fox in Albert Square, Jamie Borthwick would be fine being 'killed off' to pay tribute to that moment.

Borthwick also told them he'd never plan on going on any other soap besides The Bill, which wouldn't count as a betrayal of EastEnders since it's no longer on.

There you go EastEnders bosses, creative licence to kill off Jay Brown however you want just as long as you end the episode on a shot of a rat and a fox rummaging through bins.

It'll be the most romantic depiction of vermin digging through rubbish that soap audiences ever saw.

Featured Image Credit: BBC / PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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