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Downton Abbey 'set to return to TV after eight years'

Downton Abbey 'set to return to TV after eight years'

After Downton Abbey left our screens eight years ago, the beloved period drama might finally be returning.

It’s time to brush off your glam rags and tiaras, as Downton Abbey is set to return.

The beloved period drama about the aristocratic Crawley family is rumoured to be returning to make a return after eight-year hiatus.

While the cast and crew are yet to confirm this, a source has revealed that there is a lot of ‘excitement’ about a potential comeback.

Originally airing on ITV, Downton Abbey was a major hit with period drama fans and critics alike with the series winning SAG, Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

The historic series might be making a comeback.

It’s hardly surprising given that the stunning drama was written by Julian Fellows, who was the brains behind the Oscar-winning film Gosford Park.

The series also had plenty of drama as it was set amidst major historical events, like the sinking of the Titanic and World War I, with the wealthy Crawley family trying to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Understandably, fans are eager to see how the original character would have changed following the lengthy hiatus.

In fact, an estimated 7.4 million people tuned in to see the final episode, which aired on Christmas Day back in 2015.

It's unconfirmed whether the original cast will reprise their roles.

Whilst reports are yet to be confirmed, it’s expected that Fellows will continue as the showrunner.

Because the alleged project is still in the early stages, it's unclear whether stars like Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern will be able to reprise their roles.

However, a source has claimed that there is already a 'plan' for a new series and it could air towards the end of this year, depending on the cast's other filming commitments.

The insider also teased that there was already a lot of ‘excitement’ about Downton’s potential return to the small screen.

The new series could air at the end of this year, a source claims.

They told the Daily Mail: “There is a plan which is in development and there is a lot of excitement about.

“There is casting taking place, and it would be great if all of the big stars can return. People loved Downton. It became a British institution and it has been much missed since it left our screens.”

Continuing, they explained: “There is huge excitement around this project. It was a Sunday night favourite and got huge viewing figures. There has been very little to compete with it ever since it ended.”

Though reports are still unconfirmed, it sounds like the perfect excuse to binge watch the series all over again.

Tyla has reached out to ITV for comment.

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