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Viewers 'Disgusted' After Watching 'Shocking' Dispatches: Cops On Trial

Joanna Freedman

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Viewers 'Disgusted' After Watching 'Shocking' Dispatches: Cops On Trial

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Channel 4's Dispatches left viewers "disgusted" last night, as it aired "shocking" details of police sexual impropriety in its new investigation, Cops On Trial.

The thorough inquiry which comes in the wake of Sarah Everard's tragic murder at the hands of serving officer, Wayne Couzens.

The documentary offered up some eyebrow raising figures, including the fact that 2,000 police officers, specials and community support officers have faced accusations of sexual impropriety while in their roles.

The allegations, raised over the past four years, include 370 incidents of sexual assault, 100 accusations of rape and 18 child sex offences, and span across every force in the country.

Perhaps most harrowingly, though, a Freedom Of Information Request from the programme found that just eight per cent of claims led to dismissal.

Watch a heartbreaking snippet from the doc below:


We saw this in the doc itself, with police officers being given the freedom to resign and keep their police pensions rather than face being disciplined for their crimes, or even fired for them.

Two thirds of claims led to no action against the accused at all.

Speaking about the doc, presented by journalist Ellie Flynn, and this specific stat on LBC, Home Office Minister Damien Hinds said: “Yes of course it is a shocking figure and it is important that there is process to go through in those cases, and an accusation must be followed by looking into it properly and in some cases there will be full procedures.”

But many charities, including Women's Aid, have accused the force of caring more about its own image than justice.

Police were often allowed to resign rather than being fired (Credit: Shutterstock)
Police were often allowed to resign rather than being fired (Credit: Shutterstock)

In the Channel 4 doc, we also heard from case studies who had fallen victim to police impropriety.

One such individual was a woman who was asked on a date by a police officer who was taking her statement after she was mugged, and told her he was "as determined in his pursuit of criminals as he was of beautiful women".

Meanwhile, 'Annie', a former partner of PC Fraser Ross - a Scottish police officer, who was convicted of four counts of assault in July of this year, and was subjected to six years of physical and emotional abuse at his hands.

Reacting on Twitter, viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing, including the sheer amount of police who got off scot free for their behaviour.

Reporter Ellie Flynn investigated (Credit: Channel 4)
Reporter Ellie Flynn investigated (Credit: Channel 4)

"Absolutely disgusted watching @Channel4 #Dispatches: Cops On Trial," one wrote. "How awful that these poor women have been subjected to such harm, and these perpetrators have been allowed to get away with it, keeping their pensions whilst these women suffer with long lasting mental scars."

Meanwhile, another penned: "Depressing but essential viewing. That police forces across the country are boys clubs with a misogynist culture will come as no surprise to most women!

"The numbers of police reported for sexual misconduct is out of control, no wonder so many women do not trust them! #dispatches".

A third wrote: "#dispatches @channel4 Cops on Trial; saddened by the stats in relation to the police abusing their position. The victims, almost always women, preyed on by the very people who are supposed to protect them. These officers should not be allowed to resign with full pension".

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Joanna Freedman
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