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Corrie Fans Work Out Phill's 'Big Secret' Ahead Of Wedding To Fiz

Corrie Fans Work Out Phill's 'Big Secret' Ahead Of Wedding To Fiz

Their wedding week hasn’t been without it drama – it is Weatherfield after all – with Tyrone Hobbs declaring his love for ex Fiz.

Coronation Street viewers believe they’ve figure out Phill Whittaker’s ‘big secret’ as he prepares to say ‘I do’ to Fiz Stape on Friday, 8 July.

It should come as no surprise that their wedding week hasn’t been without its fair share of drama – it is Weatherfield after all – with Tyrone Hobbs declaring his love for ex Fiz, and her daughter Hope trying to sabotage her nuptials.

But all that drama was soon the least of their worries when Phill's ex-wife Camilla Perrin made a surprise visit to the cobbles, spelling trouble for the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs.

Corrie fans suspect Phill is up to no good as he gets set to marry Fiz.

And as Fiz prepares to take another husband, fans have been taking to social media to predict that she will have her heart broken again – claiming that there’s more to Phill than meets the eye.

While there are several theories, many are wondering if Camilla and Phill are plotting to scam Fiz out of her house and questioned if Phill is related to her ex, John Stape.

Many will remember schoolteacher Stape for his affair with pupil Rosie Webster, who he also kidnapped.

That’s not all the sinister character managed to do during his tenure on Corrie though, he also murdered Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick before his life of crime finally caught up with him and he was killed off in 2011 after crashing into the back of a lorry.

Sharing their predictions, one person penned on Twitter: "I don't think she's [Camilla] his ex. I think they are both still married and trying to scam Fiz together."

Phill's ex Camilla showed up on the cobbles.

"I agree Fiz hasn’t got anything unless they are something to do with John Stape and are out to destroy Fiz’s life in revenge for his death," another suggested.

A third questioned: "No this is all something to do with Snape wrecking Phill's going to turn out to be his brother or something."

"I think Phill's house is not Phill's, and one he is working on, he's either Snape's brother, big likeness, or after Ty' s house, I think Evelyn will somehow find out," another viewer claimed.

Fans know that Phill has already been linked to John, with Fiz discovering that he was writing a book about her serial killer ex.

Despite the major conflict of interest, Fiz decided to forgive Phill and carried on with their wedding plans. Only time will tell what Phill is really hiding.

Coronation Street airs Mondays to Thursday at 8pm on ITV.

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