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Disney Fans Baffled After Spotting Cinderella's Biggest 'Plot Hole'

Disney Fans Baffled After Spotting Cinderella's Biggest 'Plot Hole'

Now that you mention it…

As much as we love fairytales, as we've gotten older, we have seen one or two issues with them.

And one of our childhood classics, Cinderella, has a particularly glaring plot hole.

Someone in the r/AskReddit forum asked its members: ‘What’s the worst plot hole you’ve seen in a well regarded movie?’, which saw one person ask a very valid question.

It's the glass slippers which cause some issues (
Walt Disney)

“Cinderella, she is told by the fairy godmother that everything will turn back to what it originally was at midnight,” they wrote. “Her dress, carriage, and horses do so why don’t her glass slippers?”

It’s a fair question…

However, it seems there is an answer as to why this happens…and it’s all to do with magic (obviously).

Redditor @fitchbit explained that Cinderella’s dress and her horse and carriage were transformed from items she already had.

Cinderella's rags are transformed (
Walt Disney)

However, the slippers were made from magic itself, and so didn’t disappear as they weren’t transformed from anything?

Still unsure? Well, Reddit user SkyYellow_SunBlue explains it more succinctly than we can.

“I believe the slipper was a surprise gift from the Fairy Godmother,” they said.

“Cinderella realises it’s not gone in the morning as it should have been and gives an ‘oh, thank you’ out to the universe for it, showing that she recognises that while the original deal was for midnight, the Fairy Godmother did something special allowing the shoe to be kept as a memento.”

Well, that explains that.

Another plot hole that other Cinderella fans have pointed out are also glass slipper related.

Others asked why Cinderella's shoes fell off if they were meant fit so well (
Walt Disney)

“If you’re going to rip on Cinderella, you could at least bring up her slippers that fit like a dream and then suddenly fall off,” one person wrote – which is fair.

However, some savvy Disney fans have already figured out that one too.

“She'd been dancing all night. Glass slippers don't ‘breathe’ so I'm pretty sure sweat had begun to pool in them and her feet were slick,” one person theorised.

Can’t we just say magic’s the reason? It’s a Disney film, after all!

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney

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